Bobbi Kristina
Bobbi Kristina Brown, pictured with boyfriend Nick Gordon at the 2012 premiere of "Sparkle," is reportedly awake. Getty

Bobby Brown, whose daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown has been hospitalized for nearly three months, is “clearly in denial” about the latter's medical condition, a psychiatrist told The Wrap. Bobby recently told the public that the 22-year-old was “awake” after being in a medically induced coma since Jan. 31.

“At this point, he’s clearly in denial about what’s going on,” Lawrence Genen, a psychiatrist, told The Wrap. “Obviously she is still alive there, but what degree is she really [alive]? And the longer you remain ambiguous, it really does delay the natural grieving process.”

Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in a bathtub at her Atlanta home, following which, she was admitted to a hospital and put on life support. In mid-March, the aspiring actress was moved from Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital to the city’s DeKalb Medical rehabilitation facility, which is reportedly known for its long-term care.

Bobby told the audience at a Texas show on April 18 that Bobbi Kristina is “watching me.” His comments were contradicted by members of the Houston family who reportedly said that the condition of the late Whitney Houston’s daughter remained unchanged.

Bobby later released a statement, through his lawyer, stating that his daughter had recently shown signs of improvement. However, Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston, later said on Monday that while her granddaughter's condition had improved, the brain damage she sustained is “irreversible” and that she remains unresponsive.

Psychiatrist Genen reportedly noted that it is “incredibly common” for family members to delude themselves into false hope when they are expecting improvement for someone whose condition has shown no development for a long time.

“It’s easy to conflate the desire and that hope to see some sign of the person you once knew and confuse a movement or a reflex effect [with a sign] that the person is in there,” Genen reportedly said. “Their body may be there, but their mind is really gone.”