In order to keep the American people updated on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill restoration, BP will be launching its new advertising campaign immediately after Christmas.

The new ad campaign will be the first one since the company launched its previous ad blitz late last year, BP said Friday.

We made a commitment not only to restore the Gulf, but also to keep the American people informed of that effort, said Geoff Morrell, BP America's vice president for communications. We've made significant strides over the past year and believe it's a good time to provide a progress report to the nation.

This new ad campaign is the third since the Macondo disaster of 2010, and it will be expanded to include ads on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, said the Friday press release.

BP's new ad campaign comes before Louisiana unveils a new campaign of its own. Set to air this spring, the $30 million-dollar campaign will try to brand Gulf seafood to counteract people's persistent negative perceptions regarding the safety of the Gulf's fishing industry following last year's massive oil spill.

In a similar effort, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar lauded the quality of Gulf state's seafood on Dec. 14 after the first sale of oil leases in the Gulf.

We are proud of the progress that has been made this year along the Gulf Coast but we know our work is not yet done. We are committed to seeing it through and providing updates to the public along the way, Morrell said.

Watch the ad here: