New York Knicks star JR Smith took exception to a comment that Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings made about his brother on Twitter.

Knicks guard Chris Smith has already endured a good deal of criticism this season. It’s generally accepted he earned a roster spot on the Knicks because of his brother’s lobbying—several media outlets, including Yahoo Sports and the New York Post, have devote entire columns to criticizing the situation. And judging by a series of tweets last night, Jennings agrees with their complaints.

“Wait wait wait JR Smith brother is in the NBA but @PoohJeter & @BBROWNLAU isn’t. Call me hater but not Rollin!!! [sic]” Jennings wrote, referencing two basketball-playing friends who remain without a job. Jennings quickly deleted that tweet.

Next, Jennings attempted to clarify his tweet, noting that he didn’t have a beef with JR Smith. “No beef at all I respect [JR Smith] game. But I feel my homies should be in the league that’s all. That’s how “I” feel. That’s all,” Jennings wrote. “Don’t hype this it’s not beef. It’s just basketball talk. I know how twitter get [sic]!!!”

Despite Jennings’ implicit criticism, Chris Smith refused to be sucked into a Twitter beef. “First time I played in 9months was summer league so believe what u want... I'm getting paid to do what I love and I'm working hard!! [sic]” he wrote. “I'm a classy no twitter war for me.”

But JR Smith wasn’t as willing to forgive Jennings’ comments. The Knicks star took to Twitter to defend his brother. “No respect for these lil kids who pop at the mouth on twitter an then want to delete they tweets! [sic]” he wrote in reference to Jennings. “Might call some of my Number street homies an put #Detroit on smash for a min! #DeadSerious”

Smith’s Twitter war with Jennings may be heating up, but they’ll be able to settle their problems in person soon enough. The Knicks are set to play the Pistons next Thursday in Detroit.

[h/t Complex Sports]