Two of the NBA’s best (and most beloved) players are not too happy with each other at the moment.

Kevin Durant and Dwyade Wade are widely regarded as two of the league’s best all-around players and have each dominated opponents throughout their careers. Durant is a three-time NBA scoring champion, while Wade is a former NBA Finals MVP and three-time NBA champion. However, the 25-year-old Durant seems to think that his older colleague may have lost a step.

The Twitter beef stems from Durant’s comments regarding a Sports Illustrated list that identified the NBA’s top 10 players. Wade, 31, was named the eighth-best basketball player of 2014. But Durant told reporters that he believes one of his former teammates was more deserving of the spot.

In an interview with the Palm Beach Post, Durant revealed that he’d place former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate James Harden, who currently plays for the Houston Rockets, ahead of Wade in any list of the league’s top 10 players. The notoriously competitive Wade took to Twitter to voice his displeasure over Durant’s comments.

“9-24-14. Kevin Durant said James Harden should replace me in the Top 10 … Note to self: Make him respect your place in history….again…,” Wade wrote in an Instagram letter. It didn’t take long for Durant to get Wade’s message; the Thunder forward responded just 11 minutes later with a post of his own, sparking rumors of  a Twitter beef between the two players.


“Show me don’t tweet me…[sic],” Durant wrote on Tuesday. While he didn’t mention Wade by name, the meaning behind the message was apparent to NBA fans; Durant’s name was soon trending on Twitter throughout the United States, Complex Sports notes.

Durant and Wade have clashed before. The former U.S. Men’s Olympic Basketball teammates led their respective teams to the 2012 NBA Finals. Wade, aided by LeBron James, got the best of Durant in that matchup, playing a crucial role in the Heat’s NBA championship victory.

You can follow Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade on Twitter to keep tabs on their apparent Twitter beef. In addition, Complex Sports compiled a list of Twitter reactions to the feud, which can be viewed here.

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