Brandon Jennings is responding to Teyana Taylor after she opened up about their relationship on a radio show in New York earlier this week. The 23-year-old singer revealed that she and the NBA player were together for years, though he has claimed his current relationship with former video vixen Lashontae Heckard is his first “real” one.

Taylor, however, says she was engaged to Jennings, and that he took her virginity. She also said they were on-and-off for six years. Jennings, 24, apparently did not appreciate his ex-girlfriend opening up about their past, and took to Twitter on Thursday to vent. “U just gotta let it gooooo [sic]” he wrote, along with a photo of a balloon floating up into the air. 


In her interview, Taylor also spoke about Heckard, who she was apparently good friends with.

“I felt betrayed because of everything we’ve been through on and off for six years, Brandon doesn’t shock me anymore. My issue is not with Brandon, I’m not even upset because I know him. My issue is with Tae, that was my friend. I found out on the blogs, I called her and she got defensive,” Taylor said.

Jennings did not seem to like Taylor talking about his new girlfriend, and tweeted, “We chillin. Just keep Tae outta it [sic]. Just blame me if u gon do it [sic]. If y’all gon talk bad about someone let it be me.  Not Tae.”

While it is unclear when Jennings and Heckard began dating, it was most likely this year, as Heckard was previously dating rapper Nelly, and last posted pictures of him on her Instagram account late last year.  Heckard seems undisturbed by the backlash, and has posted a number of pictures recently on her social media account of herself and the Detroit Pistons player looking quite happy.