Brandon Jennings
Brandon Jennings Reuters

Teyana Taylor is proclaiming that Brandon Jennings was her first love, days after the NBA player claimed his new relationship with Lashontae Heckard is his first “real” one. The 23-year-old singer spoke with the Breakfast Club in New York Wednesday morning and commented on rumors about the messy love triangle.

Last week, the Detroits Piston player took to Twitter to declare his love for Heckard, who previously dated rapper Nelly. He said he is “finally happy.” He also added, “Let me clear the air. I’ve been single since I was 21 yrs old. This is my first public 'Real' relationship."

Taylor, however, says she was engaged to Jennings, and that he took her virginity. She also said they were on-and-off for six years.

Jennings, 24, has since moved on to Heckard, and while it is unclear when they began dating, there has been controversy surrounding their new relationship. Heckard was close friends with G.O.O.D. rapper Taylor, and Taylor admits she feels betrayed. But Heckard seems undisturbed by the backlash, and has posted a number of pictures recently on Instagram of the pair looking quite happy. Jennings even retweeted a fan who created a collage of the new couple.

It has even been speculated that Heckard and Jennings are engaged, after he posted a photo of them on Instagram, with her wearing what looked like a large diamond on her ring finger. Along with the photo was a caption, “We don’t care. What you think!!!”