When Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon McCarthy heard that “MLB Tonight” analyst Mitch Williams had made disparaging comments about him, he decided to fire back -- and used his massive Twitter following to do it.

During last night’s episode of MLB Network’s “MLB Tonight,” Williams, a former pitcher in his own right, made an inflammatory statement regarding an incident that left McCarthy with life-threatening injuries. In 2012, McCarthy was pitching against the Los Angeles Angels’ Erick Aybar when a line drive struck him in the back of the head.

While watching a clip of the infamous injury, Williams reasoned that McCarthy’s injury resulted from the pitcher’s unwillingness to throw inside to hitters. “If you don’t pitch in, this is what’s gonna happen,” Williams said on “MLB Tonight.”

At the time, McCarthy required immediate surgery to relieve intracranial bleeding and continues to suffer from lingering side effects; he had a seizure in June. The 30-year-old was at a restaurant with his wife, Amanda, when he suddenly slumped over in a booth, USA Today reports. "I remember someone restraining me and telling me I had a seizure," McCarthy told reporters. "I don't really remember much past that until I was at the hospital."

Needless to say, McCarthy didn’t take too kindly to Williams’ pitching analysis. “I hope the clip of me nearly dying helped you make one of your asinine points,” McCarthy wrote in a tweet to Williams.

The Diamondbacks pitcher didn’t stop there, tweeting a series of posts intended to mock Williams and retweeting followers who did the same. Before long, McCarthy and his more than 117,000 followers caused the phrase “Mitch Williams” to trend on Twitter.

Williams has yet to respond to the McCarthy tweets, but curious fans can check them out on the pitcher’s Twitter page. We’ve also included an example below.