Adele, who recently won six Grammy awards last weekend and two prizes at the Brit Awards ceremony in London, found herself in the middle of a controversy, after flipping the bird on live TV.

The 23-year-old singer, who certainly made Britain proud with her recent achievements, showed the middle finger at the audience after being interrupted while giving the acceptance speech.

The singer was interrupted mid-speech by the host James Corden, in order to introduce the final perfomers. As an instant reaction perhaps, the singer showed her middle finger, and the audience certainly appreciated the gesture by cheering her. Her gesture was visible on ITV1, for just a moment, and Adele later apologized for offending anyone.

Twitter is trending with #cuttingadele and there are angry reactions by fans on the social networking site.

Wasn't it blurs half hour speech that caused a shortage of time. Shame on ITV cutting Adele, said a fan on Twitter.

Adele has made the UK proud by winning Six Grammys and dominating the charts since January 2011. Cutting Adele was massively rude, said another.

While some fans are angry at the channel, others have blamed the host James Corden for interrupting the singer during her speech. But there are a few who have also defended the host, because after all, he did it on instructions from the channel.

Blame many people for cutting Adele off tonight. The producers, the channel, the ads even. But don't blame James. He did a great job, said a tweet from a fan.

Why was Adele actually interrupted? ITV later issued a statement clarifying what exactly happened and why the singer was stopped in the middle of her speech.

They said: The Brits is a live event. Unfortunately the programme was over-running and we had to move on. We would like to apologize to Adele for the interruption, BBC reported.

But the apology from the channel does not seem to have calmed down angered fans.

I can't believe it - a genuine Brit success story and they say no time she gave them the finger woop!, said a fan.

Lot of people criticising #ITV for cutting Adele off but at least they didn't cut off to an ad break. That would never happen, right?! ;) said another.

All said and done, Adele might have been interrupted on TV during her speech on her big day, but the reactions from fans on Twitter just showed that her fans truly know her worth and that the nation is proud of her achievements.