Following reports that President Nicholas Sarkozy has ordered French fighter jets to fly to Libya, British Tornado jets are also prepared to commence with a similar mission.

UK aircraft at the Royal Air Force base in Lossiemouth, Scotland are reportedly ready to take off for the crisis-ridden North African country. The planes are reportedly equipped with long range fuel tanks.

As such, air strikes on Libya are now highly likely – following resolutions by the United Nations and world leaders who attended a crisis summit in Paris to take steps to thwart Moammar Gaddafi’s brutal assaults on rebel factions. Gaddafi loyalists have reportedly entered the revel capital of Benghazi in eastern Libya with tanks.

The UN Security Council agreed to undertake all necessary measures, short of occupation, to protect Libyan civilians.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron warned that Gaddafi will now face grave consequences after violating his own government’s ceasefire which was announced yesterday.

What is absolutely clear today is that Col Gaddafi has broken his word, has broken the ceasefire and continues to slaughter his own civilians, Cameron declared.

This has to stop. We have to make it stop. I think it is vitally important that action takes place. That action takes place urgently.

Cameron’s decision to pursue military action in Libya was supported by Labour leader Ed Milliband.

We know in our hearts and in our heads when we see Colonel Gaddafi murdering his own people, it is right to take this action he said.

However, Libyan officials have denied reports that Benghazi is under attack and said it will abide by the UN resolution.