It has been almost a year since the "Homeland" Season 3 finale but fans of the series are still upset over the on-screen demise of lead Nicholas Brody (actor Damian Lewis). Following the release of the Season 4 trailer, which showed no sign of Brody, and one producer's confirmation that Lewis would not be reprising his role, Showtime fans have taken to social media in recent days to slam the network for the character's death, some even threatening to boycott the drama series ahead of its return on Sunday.

“I’m still so p----d that Brody was killed off that I really feel like just boycotting the show,” one Facebook user posted to the "Homeland” page Thursday. “New series of 'Homeland?' How can this be without Nicholas Brody?” said one fan. “I have NEVER been so bummed by anything like this before. I'm almost depressed,” said another fan of Brody’s passing. "To remove the BEST character is unforgivable of the writers!"

Viewers have also taken to Twitter to voice their upset over Brody’s death. “Not sure if I can watch after they killed off Brody,” one viewer posted Thursday. “No Brody? No #Homeland,” said another viewer. “So sad they killed Brody. I am not watching next season!” confirmed another Twitter user. “Why is there another season of 'Homeland?' There’s no more Brody! He made the show! I CAN’T. I CAN’T. I CANT.”

While many Showtime viewers are still mourning Brody’s passing, a noticeable amount are angered by the return of the show’s lead, CIA operative Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes). “How they gonna make another season of 'Homeland' without Brody? Nobody wants to watch a show about that crazy b---h Carrie,” said a Twitter fan. “'Homeland' with no Brody. Sigh. I’d rather have 'Homeland' with no Carrie,” said another. “Who wants to watch 'Homeland' without Brody? Carrie sucks,” said a fan.

This isn’t the first time fans have voiced their concerns over Brody’s death. Following the series Season 3 premiere in December, two petitions requesting the showrunners to have Lewis return to the program appeared on the platform site Unfortunately for their creators, Joe Guthrie of Heswall, UK, and Steve Johnson of Los Angeles, California, their petitions only garnered a total of 80 signatures.

“Homeland” executive producer Alex Gansa confirmed that Lewis would not be reprising his role of Brody in December following his character’s public execution in Iran during the season closer. His remarks followed the widley-spread speculation that his character would return next season. “Brody’s dead. It’s done,” Gansa told Vulture. “It was one of the first decision made in the story room, that the time had come, and in a way, the entire year was constructed around that event. We knew it was going to happen; we just didn’t know exactly how it was going to happen.”

“Homeland” returns with a two episode premiere on Sunday, Oct. 5, at 9 p.m. EDT on Showtime.