A Canadian couple has decided to involve netizens in naming their unborn daughter, and not surprisingly, some of the ideas are very creative.

Stephen McLaughlin, a Kelowna, British Columbia, man who goes by the name digitalgecko on Reddit and Twitter, told Reddit that after having a sort of epiphany, he emphatically announced to his wife that he was “going to ask what we should name our daughter!” McLaughlin says she was supportive but didn’t really believe him until he registered www.namemydaughter.com.

A web developer and self-proclaimed "crazy man" for letting the Internet help name his daughter, McLaughlin built the website himself and designed it so participants get one vote each day. The website had received more than 42,000 votes as of 12:00 p.m. on Monday, 2,000 of them just in the last half hour before this story was published. The McLaughlins expect their baby to arrive on April 2, so there’s plenty of time for voters to make their voices heard.

The McLaughlins say they will weed out inappropriate names and will ultimately have final say, but they've promised to seriously consider the top vote-getting names. Of course, that hasn’t stopped folks from rallying behind some names only the Internet could come up with.

So far the website has received 1,808 first-name and 438 middle-name suggestions. The highest-rated combination is surprisingly mainstream: Amelia Mae.

Coming in a close second is Cthulhu All-Spark. The first name is a reference to a mythical creature created by H.P. Lovecraft in 1928, and the middle name references Transformers.

Some of the other top name combinations include Megatron Salad, Zelda Renee, Not Zelda Titanium, Slagothor Doge, Streetlamp Amelia, Pancake Grace and Moonpod Von Schweetz. (Subject to change)

See the whole list and vote here.