While his decision to remain with the New York Knicks had no chance of overshadowing friend LeBron James’ choice to return to Cleveland, Carmelo Anthony still made waves on Twitter Saturday.

Many of the tweets were from fans of teams that chased the 30-year-old forward for the last 12 days of the NBA’s free agency period. Most were disappointed Anthony decided to stay in New York, rather than join the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets or Dallas Mavericks.

Fans also expressed their belief that Anthony will never win a title in his career, and said he chose more money and a longer term contract with the Knicks over a championship ring.


Before the news spread, fans and the rest of the league were eager to hear Anthony’s decision and questioned why it was taking so long.


Tweeters were also quick to point out that of the top five picks in Anthony’s draft class of 2003, he’s only one yet to claim a title.