Scammers have used the media and public's fascination over the Casey Anthony trial to trick unsuspecting Facebook users.

A video is allegedly making the rounds on Facebook of Anthony confessing to the murder of her daughter, Caylee. Anthony was acquitted on murder charges this week despite many believing she did the deed.

The video promises to be a confession from Anthony to her lawyer. When users click on the link they are asked to share it on their feed without having seen it. If they share it they are brought to a survey and not the actual video. Security research company Sophos says this is a telltale sign it is a scam.

Remember - you're being asked to do this before you see any video. If one of your Facebook friends see that you have shared the link via your newsfeed, they might believe that you are endorsing the claim that this is a video of Casey Anthony confessing to her lawyer - and click on it themselves, Sophos' senior technology consultant Graham Cluey said in a blog. Because you'll ultimately be taken to a page which pretends to be YouTube, but is really designed to trick you into taking a survey that earns commission for the scammers.

The more traffic brought to the survey page, the more commission these scammers get. Users never actually get to the confession video, because obviously there is none.

The way to get rid of this scam from a user's computer is remove it from their news feed. This way it won't continuously get shared on Facebook.

Scammers have been Facebook and popular topics in the world such as the Anthony trial to trick people for numerous years.  Last weekend, photos titled Look what he did after his ex girlfriend posted on his wall spread. It was the same kind of scam as the Anthony confession.