"Castle" fans know that a wedding is coming for Rick Castle and Kate Beckett in the ABC drama. While it isn’t yet confirmed if the wedding will take place in Season 7 or not, Showrunner David Amann has all but promised its coming. However, before Castle and Beckett can get married, Beckett has to actually find Castle, as a new promo poster for the series teases.

Season 6 of "Castle" left fans heartbroken when Castle’s car was run off the road by an unidentified assailant right before the much-anticipated nuptials. The finale left Beckett staring down at the fiery wreck searching for her husband-to-be, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats waiting for new episodes.

Well, (Spoiler Alert) Castle is not dead. Though that news is probably not surprising to fans, Amann has already confirmed that “Castle” will be back to its serialized format soon, with Castle and Beckett working new cases each week. At the season’s start, though, Beckett will still have to find Castle and help him figure out who was behind the attack.

A new promo poster, released exclusively to TV Line, shows Beckett in her wedding dress, looking somber, as a faded Castle in his wedding tuxedo fills the background. The caption reads, “Till Death Do Us Part.” The poster clearly addresses fan speculation that Castle died in the wreck, as well as teases the wedding that never happened.

Amann says answers will come in the premiere regarding the attack on Castle. Viewers hope so. The sooner Beckett finds Castle, the sooner fans will get wedding they have been waiting for all summer. “Castle” Season 7 premieres Sep. 29 at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.

[Click HERE to see the "Castle" Season 7 promo poster at TV Line.]

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