“Castle” fans are ready for answers. After months of waiting for the Season 7 premiere, fans of the ABC drama want answers to Season 6’s cliff-hanging questions. The biggest -- who was behind the attack on Castle -- will be front and center in the premiere episode as Beckett faces her toughest case yet tracking down her fiancé and his assailants. However, a recently released sneak-peek video from the premiere gives fans exciting new details about the new season’s first episode.

The video was originally released on ABC’s website, but has since been taking down. However, some of the secrets are already out. The video shows Beckett and two other cops tracking down Castle’s GPS signal to an impoundment lot. Against requests that she wait for backup, Beckett and the two officers charge in, Beckett is desperate to find Castle. They find the car where the signal is coming from, but the vehicle is already being crushed. Fearing she’s too late, Beckett sees a suspicious looking man watching he truck who flees when he notices her. In a tense chase, she chases him down, knocking him to the ground and screaming at him to give her answers. Is this the man responsible for the attack?

The video gives fans a lot of insight into the premiere. For one, fans now know that when the premiere begins, picking up where Season 6 left off at the crash site, Castle’s body will not be there. The episode will follow Beckett as she emotionally tracks down her fiancé, searching for answers. The premiere also seems to feature the most emotional Beckett since finding her mother’s killer earlier in the series.

If the video proves anything, it’s that the Season 7 premiere of “Castle” will be one of the most exciting and intense episodes of the whole series so far. Fans will have to tune to see if Beckett can find Castle before it’s too late. Season 7 of “Castle” returns Monday, Sept. 25, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.

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