LAS VEGAS -- We’re all attached to our smartphones. Maybe a little too attached, as everything we touch throughout the day makes contact with the devices in our pockets. When nature calls, many of us tote our phones on the throne. After all, who are bowel movements to impede your Twitter feed?

Well, the problem with that, your Lordship, is that you’ll be cleaning up some toxic materials after the deed is done. Using your hands near the danger zone. Inevitably coming into contact with the waste materials.

Then you touch your phone. Gross.

PhoneSoap, a small company from Utah, offers an interesting solution to this problem: light. Its product, called the “PhoneSoap Charger,” uses UVC (ultraviolet C) light waves to kill almost all the bacteria on your phone. Simply place your phone inside the folding chamber, connect the charging cable (because you may as well charge your phone while you wait) and close the lid. After five or so minutes (an eternity to be without a phone, I know), the PhoneSoap Charger has done its thing, a little blue light goes off and boom -- no more poop remnants on your phone.

Phonesoap 2 Within four to six minutes in the Charger, PhoneSoap says your phone will be 99.99% germ-free. Photo: Nick Deel / International Business Times

You don’t have to pull it out right away, either -- the phone will keep charging long after it’s sanitized. You’ll still be able to hear ringing and Facebook notifications while your phone’s in the chamber.

PhoneSoap sells the Charger for $59.99.