It was down to the wire on Wednesday night’s installment of MTV’s “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines.” After competing in several challenges, one team was sent packing ahead of the finals. Find out who made it into the final three in episode 11. 

Bloodline Drama

The cast prepares to fly to Berlin, but before they leave, Aneesa and her bloodline Rianna exchange some heated words. Aneesa says her cousin doesn’t understand how much “heart” she needs to have in order to win and Rianna says she wants Aneesa to pay more attention to her.

“You look at a lot of the bloodlines and they’re best friends,” Rianna tells the cameras. “I feel like I came on this show to get to know her and she’s the person that I know the least.”

When the cast arrives at their destination, they take a break from the game to do a little sightseeing. During their time off, Anessa confronts Rianna about her upset. Aneesa says she doesn’t trust her cousin and Rianna breaks down. Back at the hotel, the two discuss their issues for a second time. Rianna reveals to the cameras she put her day job on hold to compete with Aneesa but doesn’t feel her “heart” is in the game anymore.

Capture Rianna and Aneesa had trouble with their relationship in episode 11 of “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines.­” Photo: MTV

The Challenge

Host TJ Lavin announces the team to win the final challenge has a guaranteed spot in the finals. “Truck Crossing” has the teams traveling across several 18-wheelers and cars moving at 40 mph.

Cory and Mitch, the previous week’s winners, are given the task to choose who competes when. The team decides to compete last and puts their biggest competition, Jamie and Cara Maria, up first. Aneesa and Rianna are told to compete second, with Jenna and Brianna going third.

After completing the challenge, Cara Maria decides to tell her cast members the event was “hard“ and “scary” in an effort to intimidate them. Aneesa calls Cara Maria “juvenile” for going out of her way to communicate her feelings about the challenge.

After all of the teams compete, TJ reveals that Aneesa and Rianna had the slowest time, automatically sending them to the final pit. Mitch and Cory are announced as the winners and are told they must pick one team to send into the final elimination. The duo decides to send in Jamie and Cara Maria, making it their second visit to the pit in two weeks. Cory and Mitch’s decision gives Jenna and Brianna a ticket to the final. Jenna is happy about the vote, saying she needs to redeem herself following her embarrassing final on “Exes 2.”

Aneesa vs. Cara Maria

After the final challenge, the cast goes out for a club night. Cara Maria tells Mitch she doesn’t want to talk to him during the outing. Cory says she’s “butt hurt” about being sent into the pit. Cara Maria soon after decides to leave the club, blaming her exit on her dislike for the amount of cigarette smoke.

On the bus ride back to the hotel, Aneesa lashes out at Cara Maria. She slams her for her “Bloodlines affair, having what she deems an unauthentic Boston accent and for being “fake.”

“Go smoke another cigarette and drink another bottle,” Cara Maria yells back at her competitor. “I love my life! I’m not on a f---ing pole! So shut up!”

Cory tries to shut down the fight. Aneesa continues the argument by calling her “trash” and saying Cara Maria’s angry because she’s going into the pit. Jamie tells his cousin not to let people get to her and calls the fight Aneesa’s attempt at playing “mind games.”

Back at the hotel, Aneesa tells Jamie she will not apologize for her actions. “I will never lose my integrity for this show and I feel like you did,” Aneesa says to Cara Maria through tears. When Aneesa leaves, Jamie jokes that Aneesa should get an Oscar for her performance.


Rianna says she know Aneesa is hungry for the win and she will try her hardest to come out on top. Cara Maria says she wishes she was not in the final elimination round.

At the pit, TJ announces one female member from each team will be competing. Cara Maria is automatically the rep for her team. Aneesa chooses to compete instead of Rianna. The girls are told they will be playing “Mine Not Yours,” a game that has the two wrestling a handle away from their opponent. TJ says the person to get the handle two out of three times will win a spot in the finals and stay in the game.

After Jamie yells that his cousin is “stronger,” Cara Maria gets the handle away from Aneesa in the first round. Following a tough fight, Cara Maria manages to get the handle for a second time and wins. Despite previously going head to head, Cara Maria apologizes to Aneesa for what transpired between them and hugs her at the end of the pit. 

Cara Maria says she’s more excited to be in a final since they “fought their butt off.” The “Challenge” competitor adds that she’s pleased to have her cousin by her side at the end.

Watch Jamie and Cara Maria, Jenna and Brianna and Cory and Mitch compete in “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” finals Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.