Weeks' worth of challenges came to a head on Tuesday’s finale of MTV’s “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2.” With three teams left in episode 12, “The Greatest Love of All” — Sarah and Jordan, Theresa and Leroy, and Jay and Jenna — only one team walked away winners, but which one?

The Season 26 finale kicked off with the three teams of two traveling by helicopters to the base of Norway’s Mount Slogan. After a race by kayak, the teams had to jog to the first challenge, called “Mind Games.” Sarah — the self-described "crossword queen” -- and Jordan were first to the puzzle checkpoint and easily mastered the challenge. 

With her fellow competitors lagging behind while jogging beside cows and goats, Sarah made it clear she was in it to win it. “I came into this challenge with a plan. I don’t want to be second. I want to win,” she said.

In true “Challenge” finale fashion, the second contest, “Don’t Flip Your Lid,” forced the competitors to drink a repulsing substance that appeared to be liquefied fish in a beer glass. While Sarah and Jordan were able to choke down the vomit-inducing beverage, Leroy’s partner Theresa had a tougher time stomaching the concoction. 

“This is going to be great on national television,” Theresa joked after vomiting.

"Challenge" newcomers Jay and Jenna had an even tougher time getting past the checkpoint. After barely drinking one glass of the liquid, Jay made it clear he could not complete the challenge. When host TJ Lavin told the team they had to complete the challenge or risk expulsion from the game, Jay started to cry.  

“I can do anything but this,” he said. 

Despite Jenna’s plea for him to tough it out, Jay refused to cooperate and the duo was disqualified.

And just when they thought the gross eating challenges were over, the remaining two teams were greeted with yet another food-laced competition. Much to their dismay, they learned they would have to eat an entire tube of caviar. Despite Sarah and Jordan initially having a leg up on the competition, Leroy and Theresa caught up to them at the second eating challenge, which also included tossing rocks into buckets.

The next checkpoint had the finalists riding bikes up and down Mount Slogan. After they ditched their bikes for another jogging journey, the teams came upon tiny beds and a roaring fire -- confirmation that the final challenge would be a two-day event.

The following morning, Lavin introduce the second day's challenge: scaling Mount Slogan. The first team to reach the summit would be announced the winners and awarded $350,000 to share. Since Sarah and Jordan were the first to reach the campground the previous night, they were given a five-minute head start on Leroy and Theresa -- which ultimately led to their victory.

"No matter your disability, no matter your setback, you can do it," Jordan said. "I am very proud of what myself and my teammate have been able to accomplish mentally, physically, emotionally throughout this entire roller coaster of a ride. We were the misfits that came out on top!"

Second-place finishers Leroy and Theresa shared a $70,000 prize.

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