“The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines­” saw the veterans reunite with their family members during Wednesday night’s installment of the MTV series. But just ahead of the finals, one team headed home after elimination. Find out who was sent into the pit and who was sent packing. 

With the bloodlines officially back together, the house gets a message that their next challenge will uncover which bloodline is weighing their teammate down. Cara Maria theorizes they will have to do a puzzle. Mitch says he thinks it will be all about endurance. 

The Challenge

The ninth challenge is revealed to be a precursor to the finals. “Weight for Me” has the teams racing to the top of a mountain while carrying weighted bags and completing checkpoints along the way. Host TJ Lavin says the team to complete the challenge first, wins.

Jamie and Cara Maria take the lead at first, but Jamie struggles holding the weighted bag, calling it the “most miserable experience” of his life. When Aneesa passes Cara Maria, Jamie, Johnny Bananas and Vince, Aneesa says she feels she and Rianna could win. Cory and Mitch fall into last place as Cory struggles to hold the bag. Johnny comments that Cory will have to get airlifted out of the game because he appears to be so “gassed out.”

Watch the "Weight for Me" challenge below:

The teams meet up at a ropes course checkpoint. Vince and Jamie fail to complete it and must go to the end of the line. Jenna does it perfectly on her first try and she and Brianna move ahead in the game. Meanwhile, Aneesa and Rianna get stuck on the monkey bar checkpoint.

Jenna and Brianna make it to the final checkpoint first, which is a puzzle. TJ calls their first-place performance “impressive.” 

When Mitch and Cory finally make it to the last checkpoint, everyone is already working on their puzzles. Despite being in dead last, Mitch solves the puzzle is less than 30 seconds, making his team of two the winner of the challenge. Jenna and Brianna come in second and Vince and Johnny end up third. Aneesa and Rianna finish fourth, forcing Cara Maria and Jamie into the pit. Cory and Mitch are then told they must decide which team they want to send into the pit against the losing pair. 


Cory and Mitch say they want Aneesa around for the finals, so they will not be throwing her and Rianna into elimination. Johnny tries to convince the winning team they should not throw him in and that they should go for Jenna and Briana instead.

During the official deliberation, Cory and Mitch reveal they will be sending a “strong” team in and vote for Vince and Johnny. Cory tells the cameras he thinks Johnny and Vince need to prove they deserve to go to the finals. Cara Maria worries about going against “the best of the best” during the “worst possible time.”


Cara Maria tells Jamie they need to communicate more ahead of the elimination round. Johnny tells Vince they need to go into the pit and take care of business. Johnny says if he beats Cara Maria it will be one of the best wins in his “Challenge” career.

At the pit, TJ announces they will be playing “Through Thick and Thin,” a team event. He says the teams must use a sledgehammer to blast through a brick wall and then solve a puzzle. TJ says the team to solve their puzzle first will join him in Berlin for the finals.

Both teams struggle with the puzzle and Johnny says the game makes “zero sense.” However, shortly after, Johnny and Vince call for a check. 

“I don’t even know what’s in front of me and he’s already figured it out,” Cara Maria complains. 

Unfortunately for Johnny  and Vince, TJ reveals they’re incorrect. Cara Maria calls their mistake a “miracle” and continues working. She eventually notices a pattern in the puzzle and learns she has solved it correctly. Jamie and Cara Maria scream after their win and TJ announces Vince and Johnny are not going to Berlin.

“To be the best, you have to beat the best,” Johnny says. “Cara Maria, you whopped my ass, girl.”

Cory says he’s happy to see Johnny go home and thinks he and Mitch have a shot at winning the entire game. Back at the house, Mitch celebrates by throwing a banana off the house porch.

“The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.