A "Challenge" veteran made an appearance during Wednesday night’s installment of MTV’s “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines.” True to the network's promise to fans , CT returned to the competition show with a very special guest.

Episode 8 kicks off with several of the contestants deciding their course of action in the upcoming challenge. Anthony says he wants to throw the game and put Jamie in to keep himself safe, but his bloodline, KellyAnne, disagrees with his and Johnny Bananas’ plan. KellyAnne calls Johnny and Vince’s moves in the game “dirty,” contending they’re merely using her cousin as a pawn. Meanwhile, Jamie says he thinks KellyAnne and Anthony need to go. 

CT Returns

At the season’s seventh challenge, host TJ Lavin recognizes the show lost two longtime cast members, Ryan Knight and Diem Brown, in 2014, and introduces a special guest. He says that in honor of Diem’s memory, her ex-boyfriend and co-star, CT, will pay tribute to her. CT makes his grand entrance alongside his “bloodline,” Diem’s younger sister, Faith Brown. Cara Maria and KellyAnne get teary-eyed over their appearance.

TJ reveals CT and Faith will not be joining the cast of “Bloodlines” but are merely present to demonstrate the weekly challenge, which is inspired by the ring-toss game Diem was famous for winning in “The Duel 1.”

“I was a little nervous on coming back, but luckily Faith is here, Diem’s heart, as she always said,” CT tells the cameras.

“I definitely feel like my sister’s here,” Faith says after CT asks if she thinks her sister is watching over her. "Just seeing the rest of the cast, it makes me feel like I have more family.”

Unlike CT’s usual athletic prowess, the “Challenge” veteran falls during the challenge demonstration. Faith is able to make it across with CT’s help. 

The Challenge

When it comes time to compete, TJ says that the team to complete the challenge the fastest wins. Before the red team competes Johnny Bananas worries how his team will be able to convincingly throw the challenge. Johnny says he and Anthony will disqualify themselves, but he has to make sure two girls also fall. Cara Maria, on the other hand, tells the cameras she’s planning for the red team to win because she wants to stay out of elimination.

During the red team's turn, Johnny plays “puppet master” with Rianna and “helps” her lose. When Bananas falls on purpose and pretends to hurt his shoulder, the cast calls him out on it. When Cara Maria realizes Bananas wants KellyAnne to win, she calls on Anthony not to throw the challenge. Anthony drags out the elimination process by pretending to be unable to finish --he eventually falls into the water. Johnny says he deserves an Academy Award for his performance, but the rest of the house disagrees.

Despite trying to throw the challenge, the red team still takes the win. TJ tells the blue team they must nominate one girl to send into the pit. The red team must always pick a female member from the blue team to go into elimination.


Jenna Jenna says she will not longer play the game nicely if she returns from the pit in "Bloodlines" episode 8. Photo: MTV

Jenna gets upset when she learns Vince wants to vote her into the pit. During the official vote, the blue team votes in Jenna. Johnny votes for his ally, KellyAnne, shocking the house, and the red team decides to send KellyAnne into elimination.

Night Out

CT and Faith make their second appearance in episode 8 during the cast’s club night. Faith says she's happy to experience “The Challenge" and CT reveals that throughout Diem's medical issues and her eventual passing, Johnny, his original “nemesis,” became one of his good friends.

“I think this is Faith’s way of helping her sister live on and helping her legacy carry on,” Johnny tearfully says in a confessional.  

While Johnny bonds with CT, Vince tries to start drama with the veteran. “You affect a lot of people,” Vince tells CT as he tries to fend him off. “I heard back in the day you and I might have been competition.”

“Back in the day you’d already be knocked out,” CT replies before leaving the club with Faith.


KellyAnne KellyAnne and her bloodline were eliminated in "The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines" episode 8. Photo: MTV

Jenna says that if she comes back from the pit, she and her bloodline, Brianna, will no longer play the game nicely. KellyAnne tells Anthony that unlike her last visit to the pit, she feels nervous this time around. 

TJ reveals KellyAnne and Jenna will be playing “Spun Out“ to stay in the game. The contestants are told they must perform two simply tasks after being spun in a swing. The contestant to compete the tasks the fastest, wins.

Despite initially taking the lead in the challenge, KellyAnne fails to stack a pile of wood faster than Jenna and is sent packing.

“I’m bummed. I definitely don’t feel I should be going home,” KellyAnne says. 

Anthony says he’s upset over Johnny’s “throne of lies” and says he wasn’t ready to leave the show.

“The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.