“The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” continued Wednesday night with episode 2 of the hit MTV series. Thirteen teams were delivered a twist from host TJ Lavin during the installment and one duo was sent packing. Find out what went down in "Bad Blood" below.

Ahead of their second challenge, the cast has some fun in the sun. While several contestants flirt, Cara Maria and Thomas appear to be the closest and Johnny Bananas' secret camera catches the two getting cozy on the bus. Thomas hints in a confessional that they may be hooking up. Cara Maria claims she is just flirting her way to the final and that she is with former “Challenge” star Abram.

The Challenge

After getting a hint that their challenge is going to be “creepy," Lavin introduces the task “Family Dinner” to the teams. Out of the teams of two, one person's head is put into a glass box and they're tasked with eating live bugs, a variety of which includes cockroaches. Their partner’s head is also placed into a box with a “mystery” element -- bull pythons. The individual to eat and fill their measuring cups with the most dead bugs wins. Lavin says the losing team will be sent into the pit. 

Jenna’s cousin Brianna refuses to participate in the game when she’s chosen to be in the box with the bugs. Jenna begs her to eat one, but Brianna doesn’t budge.

At the conclusion of the challenge Lavin names Corey and Mitch and Cara Maria and Jamie as the front-runners. Ultimately, Cara Maria, who remained cool and collected during the challenge as she has a bull python at home, and Jamie win. Despite failing to eat one bug, Jenna and Brianna are safe after Lavin announces it’s a guys’ elimination day. A tenth of a gram sends Cohutta and Jill into the pit. 

Cara Maria and Jamie are given the task of picking a second team to go into the pit. They’re told they must pick a team with a male contestant.


Jill gets emotional back at the house after failing to win the challenge. Cara Maria says she wants to allow Cohutta the chance to pick his competitors but says she’s conflicted because she’s been getting close to Thomas. When Cohutta choses to compete with Raphy and Dario, Cara Maria lets the twins know her plan and they’re noticeably upset. Cohutta changes his mind at the last minute and picks Thomas and Stephen instead. Despite having a fling with Thomas, Cara Maria decides to send him and his partner into the pit. Tom says he feels "sucker punched" by her choice. 

House Drama

Ahead of the elimination, the house goes out to party. Brianna reveals she’s not having a good time. When the cast returns to the house, she tells Nany she's "miserable" and wants to go home to her “real family." When Brianna calls it Jenna’s fault she’s in the game, Jenna airs her cousin's dirty laundry, asking if she wants to go home to her cheating boyfriend. Brianna responds, saying she’s in a different place in her life than Jenna and is trying to start her career.

“She’s thinks she better than all of you guys,” Jenna tells her castmates. 

The next morning the teammates try to work out their differences but they don't resolve their issues. Brianna says she realizes if she leaves, Jenna will have to leave as well.

The Pit

Thomas represents his team in the pit. He and Cohutta compete in “Squaring Off,” a physical challenge which has them running down a series of hallways in the quest to find a ball and get it past their opponent. While Cohutta fought to the end, Thomas is named the winner.

Shocking Twist

After Cohutta and Jill are sent home, Lavin reveals this season's shocking twist. He tells the cast they will now be pitted against their bloodlines, effective immediately, as opposed to working alongside them as a team. 

“The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.