Talk about bad blood. MTV is making several male-female pairs of enemies from “The Challenge,” “Real World” and “Are You The One?” put aside their differences and work together as teammates for “The Challenge: Rivals III.” Before the new season premieres Wednesday, get a refresher on all the cast members and the 13 teams.

Johnny Bananas and Sarah 

True rivals Bananas and Sarah will be forced to reunite after Sarah sent Johnny packing in “Exes 2.” Sarah knows the fight for first place won’t be easy with a sour Bananas by her side. “I’m not working with a man. I’m working with a little boy, and the little boy is having a temper tantrum,” she tells MTV. Johnny says he and Sarah don’t have chemistry and they will have a strictly business relationship.

Jenna and Vince

These two didn’t see eye to eye during “Bloodlines,” but they will have to learn to work together this season. Will Creepy Uncle Vince and the “Challenge” champion be able to form a solid team or will their differences set them back?

KellyAnne and Jamie

Jamie was able to win his first challenge with his cousin Cara Maria on “Bloodlines,” but his fight with KellyAnne on his winning season has earned him a new partner this time around. Jamie previously admitted that he once believed KellyAnne belonged in a “mental hospital.” Not a great way to start a partnership.

Dario and Nicole

Dario upset quite a few of the women during “Bloodlines,” and this season, he has one of them as a partner. Nany’s cousin Nicole will play alongside the notorious bad boy. The two alphas will have to put their egos and love lives on hold if they want to win. MTV has hinted that Nicole will fall for a “hunky rookie” this season and Dario will try to keep her focused.

Nany and Wes 

These “Challenge” veterans have never been close friends, making them perfect “Rivals” teammates. “We have programmed ourselves to work against each other. When we see each other, we still see enemies,” Wes says.

Simone and Thomas

Simone threw just the right number of drinks in Thomas’s face on “Exes 2” to be named his “Rivals” partner. Simone says she’s trying to learn to more zen now, and let’s hope so, because it doesn’t seem they will be each other's only problem this season. MTV’s team bio reveals that Thomas will find himself going “toe to toe” with another cast member. The team will also be a part of “one of the most unique injuries in 'Challenge' history,” which “threatens to remove this team from the game.”

Jessica and Johnny

The “Real World: Portland” co-stars have their work cut out for them. Johnny tells MTV that “everything” Jessica does aggravates him, while Jessica says she’s still healing from him fat-shaming her. 

Christina and Nate

Christina played Nate during “Are You The One?” Season 2, and he hasn’t forgotten her betrayal. Christina hopes Nate can put his emotions aside to compete. But Nate says he can’t trust his teammate. “How can you trust somebody who basically fakes something for a week with you?” he says.

Camila and Tony

“Challenge” firecracker Camila will not be happy when she finds out she’s paired up with Tony, who viewers will remember insulted her little sister during “Bloodlines.” Camila says she and Tony have a similar hot temper, and Tony says he’s concerned they will “butt heads.”

Cheyenne and Devin

“Are You The One?” Season 3 bad boy Devin will find himself teaming up with his outspoken co-star. Cheyenne reveals she wants to play the game by flying under the radar, but it doesn’t seem Devin has the same strategy. “Devin unleashes a mater plan to take over the entire game,” MTV teases. With Cheyenne involved in a hookup with a “high-profile veteran,” will she follow along for the ride or will the team fall flat?

Cory and Ashley

Ashley was infamously voted out of the “Real World: Explosion” house by Cory and their fellow cast members. Now, she will have to depend on him to get her to the finals. While Cory admits his partner is in great shape, she will set her sights on a romance with a “Challenge” veteran, which could mess up their game. 

Briana and Brandon

These “Are You The One?” alums were named perfect matches, but their differences are what make them “Rivals” this season. Briana says she’s can’t stand Brandon’s “cockiness and arrogance,” but Brandon says he thinks they can win. “I’ve watched the show in the past, so I know these people better than they think that I know them,” Brandon says. “I am the biggest competitor in the house!”

Averey and Leroy

Leroy is not a fan of Averey, but she’s his official partner this season. Will Leroy be able to give Averey a chance, despite hurting his friend Johnny Reilly, or will they fall apart?

Which team do you think will win? Sound off in the comments section below or tweet your predictions to @RebeckaSchumann. “The Challenge: Rivals III” premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. Watch the trailer here