The Challenge Rivals 3 cast
“The Challenge: Rivals 3” will pair up MTV stars with their enemies. The season premieres Wednesday, May 4. MTV

The new season of “The Challenge” is almost upon us!

MTV will premiere “The Challenge: Rivals 3” on May 4, and in preparation for the Season 28 installment, the network has released the first trailer. While this version of “Rivals” will team up male and female competitors in the Mexico-based competition, viewers had to watch the trailer pretty closely to get more details. Here’s five things you may have missed from the “Rivals 3” teaser:

1. Teams Revealed— MTV wasn’t kidding around with this “Rivals” theme. Nany Gonzalez and Wes Bergmann will partner up, as well as and Tony Raines and Camila Nakagawa, but the most noteworthy team is Johnny Bananas and Sarah Rice. After sending Johnny home at the last-minute in “Battle of the Exes 2” he will be partnered up with Sarah this season.

“The person who has my back has basically stuck a knife in it. It is going to blow up,” Johnny says. In one scene he’s shown appearing to purposefully let Sarah fall off a platform during a challenge. “Johnny. What the hell! Did you do that on purpose?” Sarah asks.

2. Big Fight— The trailer reveals there will be at least one big argument this season. One scene shows two females battling it out. Another features a scuffle between the male competitors. “The Challenge: Bloodlines” runner-up Cory Wharton is seen being held back by a few of his teammates.

3. Disqualification— One of the fights noted above may cause a player’s disqualification from the game. Host TJ Lavin can be heard sending someone home in the trailer. “I’ve warned you before. You’re out of here. Get your stuff,” he says. “Hope to see you never.” Either the contestants will be in luck out with the disqualification and find themselves closer to the finish line or this season could see a couple of replacement players.

4. Major Nudity— Could there be a naked challenge this season? By the looks of the trailer, there just might be. In one clip “Are You The One?” star Nelson Thomas, Thomas Buell from “Real World: Explosion” and am unidentifiable female are shown covering up this private regions while walking up a hill.

5. “Are You The One?” Takeover— It’s no secret that the cast of MTV’s “Are You The One?” have slowly been joining the “Challenge” cast, but it appears they think they are the new stars of “The Challenge.”

Watch the trailer below:

The competitors will be in the running for a $350,000 grand prize, People reports. “The Challenge: Rivals 3” premieres with a 90-minute installment on Wednesday, May 4, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.