Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Guidice and her husband Joe have been sued for allegedly beating up a police officer and spraying champagne in the face of the cop's mother-in-law.

The incident took place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino bar in the Dominican Republic in February 2011, during filming for the Bravo reality series.

Adolfo Arreola, a police office with the University of Illinois at Chicago who was off duty at the time, claims that his family was celebrating at the Hard Rock when Giudice sprayed his mother-in-law with champagne, then proceeded to mock and humiliate her as she attempted to recover from the sting.

Teresa and Joe are not the only ones accused: The suit, which was filed on Monday in New York Supreme Court, names Bravo along with Real Housewives castmembers Caroline and Albert Manzo, their three children, and their sons' roomate as defendants.

According to Arreola, he confronted Housewife Guidice after the champagne attack. At that point her husband Joe and the Manzo family jumped to her defense, and mayhem ensued.

Both Arreola and Gomez admit they are breaking a signed agreement not to sue, but claim the agreement was made under duress - they were told they wouldn't be allowed to leave the Dominican Republic without settling the matter.

After two days of investigations by the Dominican police, Jason and Adolfo were forced to sign a document that essentially said they would release everybody and anybody from now until the end of time for what happened, the cousins' attorney, William Gibbs, told E! News.

His clients pushed for these individuals that brutally beat them to be held criminally responsible while they were still down in the Dominican Republic, he added.

Arreola claimes that he sustained a broken arm, blurred vision, cuts and bruises after the defendants savagely beat, kicked, punched, scratched, jumped on him. He has undergone surgery for his arm and is currently undergoing physical therapy, the suit states.

His cousin, Jason Gomez, also sued, claiming he suffered a broken leg and a torn MCL in his efforts to defend Arreola. Gomez says that he also underwent surgery and had two pins placed in his knee.

Both suits claim that the Real Housewives cast and crew were served too much liquor, making them intoxicated, belligerent and rowdy.

Apparently the plaintiffs have never watched the show, as all of the Housewives - Guidice in particular - have demonstrated that they can become beliigerent and rowdy without the help of alcohol.

[Source: E! News]