There were false reports on Twitter and other social networking Web sites on Thursday that actor Charlie Sheen died in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland.

When the reports first hit the Internet many questioned whether they were true, only to find out the reporta were another celebrity death hoax.

Is Charlie Sheen dead or alive? one user asked.

Okay who is the scumbag who told me Charlie Sheen was dead. I really thought he was! another user tweeted after finding out it death was just a hoax.

But there were some Twitter users and Charlie Sheen fans who didn't fall for the fake death reports.

If you're gonna death hoax Charlie Sheen, at least come up with a different story than the one used a year ago, one fan tweeted.

The source of the Charlie Sheen death report seems to have been the same Web site that falsely killed Tiger Woods, Will Smith, Missy Elliott and a host of other celebrities.