It looks like the characters of “Chasing Life” Season 2 have some happy times ahead, but not for long. April (Italia Ricci) is heading down the aisle soon, but the cancer patient won’t be able to celebrate for long. The summaries of upcoming episodes hint at a tragedy, and we’re worried it might have to do with her fiancé Leo (Scott Michael Foster). Will April’s love die?

The episode 6 promo reveals that April and Leo will finally head down the aisle, while the episode 7 synopsis states that they’ll definitely say “I do.” In episode 7, the couple will “try their hand at married life, but April worries that Leo has started planning for a future she may not get,” the summary teases.

Nothing about that seems too ominous. It actually sounds sweet that Leo wants pretend they’re normal newlyweds, but it’s the next two summaries that have us worried. Leo isn’t mentioned, but tragedy seems to be the focus. “After a shocking traumatic event, April is left reeling and is flung into a world of grief,” the episode 8 synopsis teases.

The death of her husband would be traumatizing, but really, losing anyone could send her into a depression. It’s the episode 9 synopsis that makes it seem like it might be Leo. “April uses her new financial security to do anything and everything she can to feel good again,” the summary reveals.

Where did the money come from? There is a possibility that her “financial security” just comes from marrying Leo, who is pretty financially stable. They probably opened a joint bank account after getting married. However, April never seemed to care about his money before. If he died, she was likely given all of his assets, plus any life insurance that he had. Leo’s death could leave her rich.

To add another concern, Scott Michael Foster isn’t a cast member on “Chasing Life” Season 2. He is a special guest star. He isn’t committed to the series for every episode, and he has a new TV show coming, ABC’s “Blood and Oil.” Granted, we had this same concern last year when Foster accepted a gig as Kristoff from “Frozen” on “Once Upon A Time.” But his “OUAT” role was only a guest spot. He is a lead on “Blood and Oil.”

Jessica Meraz, who plays Natalie on the hit ABCFamily show, wasn’t able to tell us if a death would happen this season. “I don’t know if I can say that either way,” Meraz told International Business Times. That’s not a yes, but it’s not a denial either.

Italia Ricci tried to calm fans' concerns when she talked to a Variety reporter this week.

“Chasing Life” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC Family. Do you think Leo is going to die or is it a different “traumatic event” that will happen? Share your theories in the comments section below!