Disney’s “Frozen” is truly coming to life on “Once Upon a Time.” After weeks of speculation over who would be playing the coveted new roles, TV Line has announced that the ABC show has cast its Kristoff and Anna.

Elizabeth Lail, a newcomer in the industry, has landed the role of Anna. The new “Once Upon a Time” character is described by TV Line as a “fun-loving, fearless optimist who often gets herself into situations where she is in over her head, yet is able to triumph due to her resourcefulness and can-do spirit.” Like “Frozen,” Anna “values her relationship with her sister Elsa above all else.”

Former “Greek” heartthrob Scott Michael Foster will be playing the recurring role of Kristoff, Anna’s love interest in “Frozen.” The character, an ice cutter, is said to have a deep love for both the Arendelle sisters, but hides his feelings behind his “sometimes-gruff demeanor.” When he’s introduced on the ABC show, he’ll reportedly be newly adjusting to life at the castle and “sleeping indoors for the first time in his life.”

For those unfamiliar with Disney’s 2013 hit animated movie, “Frozen,” the tale is about two sisters named Elsa and Anna who become separated. Elsa suffers from powers that allow her to create ice, frost and snow. But it’s a strength that she’s unable to fully control. As a child, Elsa accidentally injures her younger sister, Anna, leading their parents, the king and queen, to keep the two apart for their safety. Despite their best efforts to protect their children, all the separation does is put a strain on the whole family’s relationship.

After the untimely death of the king and queen, Elsa is named the new Queen of Arendelle. But a fight with her sister forces her to flee the castle and accidentally cast an eternal winter upon the kingdom of Arendelle.

Anna embarks on a journey to bring her sister home and end the eternal winter … and she does so with the help of Kristoff, a handsome young mountain man.

Elsa made her first appearance on “Once Upon a Time” during the Season 3 finale. When Emma and Hook returned from the Enchanted Forest of the past, they accidentally brought with them an urn from Rumpel’s dungeon. The final moments of the episode showed the urn spilling open and Elsa appearing.

“Frozen” and “Once Upon a Time” fans must still wait for the Snow Queen to be cast, and there has been a lot of speculation about the character possibly first appearing as a villain in Season 4. Elsa’s expected to be featured in approximately nine episodes. Anna and Kristoff will reportedly appear in around six episodes.

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