The “Chasing Life” Season 1 summer finale left fans with a serious cliffhanger: is Leo dead? April woke up at the end of the summer finale to a voicemail from Leo. He really needed to talk to her but audiences didn't get to hear everything he said in the message. Their future seemed hopeful until April found Leo’s parents in the hospital waiting room. Fans don’t know if Leo checked himself in or if something went terribly wrong. So, the question remains -- is Leo alive?

The best person to answer this question is Leo himself, actor Scott Michael Foster. "If I told you that, that would be giving away a big part of this cliffhanger!" Foster said to E Online.

Foster was able to assure fans that he wasn’t asking to be written off the ABC Family drama and that he enjoys Leo's storyline. However, he was still being very secretive. "I guess we'll just have to see. I as a viewer would hope to see more Leo, but that's me as a viewer. Me as the actor knows whether or not we will," Foster teased.

The actor might have some scheduling conflicts that prevent his return to “Chasing Life.” Foster nabbed a role in ABC’s “Once Upon A Time.” Foster will play Kristoff, Anna’s love interest from “Frozen.” Foster's role will be recurring, so he could manage to work out scheduling conflicts between the two shows.

Fans will have to wait to see if Leo made it. Showrunner Patrick Sean Smith confirmed that Leo's fate would be the first thing addressed when the show returns for a holiday episode in December.

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“Chasing Life” Season 1 will return to ABC Family in December. What do you think happened to Leo? Share your theories in the comments section below!