A Chechen warlord – one of the most wanted men in Russia – has taken responsibility for carrying out the suicide bomb attack last month which killed 36 people and injured 180 in a Moscow airport.


He has also took credit for the March 2010 suicide bombings on the Moscow Metro which killed 39 people, and is reported to have been behind the November 2009 bombing of a Moscow-to- St Petersburg that killed 26.

Unconfirmed reports also suggest he was behind the deadly school siege in Beslan in 2004 which ultimately resulted in more than 300 deaths.
Russian police had already determined that the attack Domodedovo Airport was carried out by a 20-year-old suicide bomber from the North Caucasus.

In a video posted on the internet, Doku Umarov said the latest attack was revenge for Russian crimes in the Caucasus and warned of regular, deeper and more aggressive “operations suicide attacks in the future.

Umarov heads the Caucasus Emirate, a militant Islamic group, and has served as security minister in the Chechen separatist government in the late 1990s.

In the video (which was reportedly filmed on the day of the airport attack), Umarov says: This special operation was carried out on my orders and, God willing, special operations like it will continue to be carried out. Umarov spoke of wider global issues, that Muslims are being persecuted all over the world, specifically condemning Zionist and Christian regimes led by Israel and America.

He warned that his militants are waging jihad in the Caucasus today to establish the word of Allah, and that he has hundreds more brothers prepared to battle against the Russia's racist regime.

Umarov ascended to the top of the Chechen rebel leadership after Russian forces assassinated his predecessor, Khalim Saydullayev, in 2006 and rebel leader Aslan Maskhadov in 2005.

He has described all Western nations as enemies of Islam and declared his intention of establishing Sharia law.