Former President Bill Cinton's daughter Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter on Saturday to give a stern reply to Fox News host Lisa Marie Boothe, a day after Boothe commented former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would “sell” her daughter to become president.

Boothe, who is currently working with Fox News as a contributor, was discussing Hillary’s campaign manager Robby Mook and his comments on Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia scandal on her show “The Five” when she made some disparaging remarks about President Donald Trump’s opponent in the presidential race.

“He [Robby Mook] literally worked for the most soulless woman on this planet who would literally sell her daughter to be president...sell her only child to be president. I mean, that's how much she wants it,” Boothe said, AOL reported. “I just think there's a little bit of irony here that these people are supposed to be the voices of authority on morality or...what's ethical or not, given some of the people they worked for.”

Chelsea, who has two children of her own, responded to the accusation against her mother by tweeting a clip of the segment with a caption claiming Hillary could never use her daughter for personal gain because Chelsea was “the most important part of her life.”

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This is the second time in two weeks that Chelsea backed her mother. The president took a swing at the former first lady after the G20 summit held last week in Hamburg. In a tweet posted July 10, Trump said during the summit, he briefly stepped out of the conference room to attend foreign delegates from other countries, and asked his daughter Ivanka Trump to hold his seat. However, he went on to say if Chelsea had done the same for Hillary, “fake news” media would already be announcing the former first daughter’s run for office.

Trump’s tweet was followed by a heavy backlash on social media. Twitter users said Ivanka holding seat for her father during G20 summit hinted toward the first family's unorthodox involvement in dealings of the White House.

Chelsea did not waste much time in writing back to the president. In a curt tweet, the 37-year-old wrote it would not have occured to either of her parents to ask her to do something like holding a seat for them.

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Twitter rallied behind Chelsea as soon as she defended her mother. While one user said allegations against Hillary were never proven, unlike Trump, another user referred to the strong bond shared by the Clinton family. Hillary was also heard speaking fondly about her mother last year during the presidential race.

Author Anne Rice also spoke out against the people who would not stop trolling Hillary even after she lost the presidential race. She expressed wonder at how the people of the United States have accepted someone much lesser qualified as their president.

However, not everyone was sympathetic toward Chelsea. A number of users were quick to accuse her of taking money from the Clinton Foundation to pay for her wedding, a scandal that partially tarnished her mother’s image during the election campaign.