Cher Lloyd may have gotten a few words of advice from her former X Factor mentor Cheryl Cole, Be Careful who you kick on your way up.

Cole tweeted those words and more on Tuesday, after Lloyd, the 18-year-old Swagger Jagger singer, was asked if she would do a duet with Cole.

When Lloyd was asked in an interview for Real Radio North West show if she would perform with Cole she replied, Maybe, if she'd sing live with me.

The Press Association reported that Lloyd was asked if she was posing a challenge to Cole to which she said, Well it always is nowadays, when you ain't got the nifty little buttons to press.

Lloyd was asked whether she was referring to autotune but said What, oh no? Never, never ever!

Those comments have shocked fans of both artists, especially seeing that Lloyd was considered Cole's protégé.

Cole has since taken to her Twitter account and wrote: Be Careful who you kick on your way up .. They kick you twice as hard on your way back down.. #unappreciationisugly. She didn't specify if those words were meant for Lloyd but because of the chain of events many believe they were.

Contact Music reported that last year, Lloyd was on the Brmb radio station and was asked if she has spoken to Cole about her debut album.

I didn't have her mobile number to begin with, Lloyd reportedly said. I've got more chance of winning the lottery than catching up with her.