Efforts made by Chevron Brazil Petroleo Ltd officials to control an ocean-floor oil leak off the coast of Brazil continue.

The amount of oil seeped from the ocean floor is now estimated to total between 400 and 500 barrels.

Chevron Brazil officials said they are still investigating the cause of the seep. They also maintain the leak is not due to the company's oil production, said Kurt Glaubitz, a company spokesperson. Whether or not the leak was caused by drilling has yet to be determined.

Drilling is still suspended as a precautionary measure.

The leak is located in the company's Frade field which is located roughly 230 miles off the shore of Rio de Janeiro. The slick, first reported to Chevron Brazil officials last week, is located roughly 74 miles from the country's coastline.

Seventeen vessels are working on a rotating basis and are deploying containment booms and washing techniques to help control the oil sheen.

Chevron Brazil is deploying experts from Chevron Corporation's global response team and continues to inform and work with government agencies and industry partners in response to the matter, Glaubitz said.