An undercover agent arrested Chicago Bears Sam Hurd outside of a Chicago restaurant on Wednesday after he accepted cocaine from the agent and a confidential informant who were posing as drug suppliers, court documents show.

Hurd has been charged with conspiracy to possess of cocaine with the intent to distribute. Hurd, 26, was schedule to make his first appearance in court on Thursday.

Chicago Bears receiver Sam Hurd was in the custody of federal agents on Thursday after he was accused of allegedly trying to buy arrested Wednesday night after allegedly accepting a kilogram of cocaine from an undercover agent.

After practice on Thursday, Bears coach Lovie Smith told the Chicago Tribune that Hurd is still a member of the team.

I am in shock over it, Smith said. Never saw it coming. My dealings with Sam here as most of you would probably say the same has all been good. He's a guy that showed up every day to go to work.

The Bears also issued a statement noting that it's aware of Hurd's arrest and gathering the details surrounding it.

We are disappointed whenever these circumstances arise, the statement read, as reported by the Tribune. We will deal with them appropriately once we have all the information.

Here is what a complaint filed in the District Court alleged happened:

On July 27: Agents got information from a confidential informant that someone known as T.L. is trying to set up a purchase of nearly 4 kilograms of cocaine for Hurd. The complaint stated that Hurd wanted to transport the cocaine to a northern destination that day.

Agents then proceeded to set up the meeting for T.L. and also coordinated with a Dallas County constable for a routine traffic stop of T.L.'s vehicle.

When the vehicle was searched and law enforcement officials found a bag covered with a green plant that field tested positive for marijuana. In the bag was $88,000.

T.L. said the money belonged to Hurd, who was also the owner of the vehicle. T.L. also identified Hurd as a player for the Dallas Cowboys.

A search of the T.L.'s cellphone call list also showed that several calls were made to and from Hurd. Those calls were made before and after the traffic stop.

Agents let T.L. go, but Hurd was still trying to contact agents on the cellphone they found and Hurd identified himself to the agents, stating that he is a Dallas Cowboy and that he owned the vehicle.

Hurd was later interviewed on July 28 and he told agents that he conducted a wire transfer and withdrawal three days prior and packed the cash on July 26 before giving T.L. the vehicle that evening. Hurd provided law enforcement with a bank statement for the withdrawal, but agents saw that the statement didn't reflect the amount of money Hurd claimed.

On Aug. 14: On this day T.L. negotiated with a confidential informant for almost five kilograms of cocaine for Hurd. T.L. told the informant that Hurd was an NFL player and that he wanted to complete the deal at a Firestone shop where he worked.

Aug. 15: Denton Police told agents that Hurd might possibly have a connection to four people from California who were detained on July 25. Police found that there were text messages about narcotics trafficking and money laundering exchanged with those detainees and Hurd's number was also identified.

On Sept. 9: T.L. contacted the informant and told him that associates from Illinois were in Dallas and that they were interested in buying five kilograms of cocaine. T.L. said that the buyer had $50,000 and asked that the informant hand over a kilogram of cocaine and be paid later.

T.L. identified Hurd as the buyer and said that he wanted to meet the informant but he was unavailable because of NFL obligations. T.L. did say that Hurd's cousins were available to complete the transaction.

On Dec. 5: T.L. spoke with the informant and made it known that Hurd wanted a meeting in order to discuss future business.

On Dec. 6: The informant met with T.L. at Firestone Auto Care in Coppell, Texas, where he said that Hurd wanted to meet. T.L. then handed the informant a telephone during which Hurd said he will send associates to Dallas to buy cocaine.

Hurd wanted the informant to travel to Chicago.

T.L. also reiterated that they can complete the narcotics transaction at Firestone.

T.L. told the informant that Hurd made $4 million a year from his Bears contract and assured him that his money would be ready.

T.L. also mentioned that Hurd had a previous drug connection that would provide him narcotics valuing between $100,000 and $200,000 weekly.

Dec. 7: The informant was given Hurd's number.

Dec. 8: The informant called Hurd and told him that the five kilogram of cocaine he wanted wouldn't be available. Hurd said he was ready to ask for another week anyway and that he was interested in setting up a continuing business with the informant. The informant then told Hurd he will be in the Chicago area in a few weeks. Hurd in turn said that he would be interested in meeting to negotiate price, quantities and a long-term relationship.

Dec. 14: At around 7 p.m. Hurd met with an undercover agent at a restaurant on West Bryn Mawr Avenue in Chicago. Hurd introduced himself to the agent as Sam and said that he was interested in buying five to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week for distribution in Chicago.

Hurd said he would pay $25,000 per kilogram of cocaine and $450 per pound of marijuana. Hurd also said the he and others currently distribute four kilograms of cocaine per week in Chicago. However, the supply of that source couldn't keep up with the quantity, Hurd said, adding that he is the one who focus on the higher-end deals.

Hurd also asked if the informant and the undercover agent could provide Mexican cell phones because he believed law enforcement didn't possess the capability to listen to Mexican telephone.

Hurd also told the informant and the undercover agent that he had lost money in Dallas through T.L., which couldn't be associated with him.

After the negotiation, the agent gave Hurd the cocaine and he took it.

Hurd told the agent that he will get out of practice at 5:30 p.m. and that payment will then be made the cocaine. Hurd then left the restaurant with the cocaine, placed the bag into his vehicle and was arrested by law enforcement.

The agent said that there is probable cause that Hurd and others possess with the intent to distribute 500 grams or more of a mixture or substance containing a detectable amount of cocaine.

You can view the complaint here.