Chris Brown as well as police officers believe that Brown's friends may have been part of the home invasion and robbery that took place at the singer's Los Angeles house on Wednesday morning, TMZ reported, citing law enforcement officers and people close to Brown. The report added that four men were behind the incident.

Brown's friends, suspected of being behind the robbery, were not just casual friends but were very close to the singer, TMZ reported Monday. A club promoter, who knew that Brown received $50,000 in cash from a recent appearance, is also suspected of being involved. This person reportedly knew that Brown had kept the money inside a safe in his house. Last week, armed, masked men locked Brown’s aunt in a closet and stole an unknown amount of money and some personal items.

The TMZ report added that the Los Angeles Police Department suspects that Bloods, an African-American street gang founded in Los Angeles in 1960s, may also have been involved. A member from LAPD’s Gang Unit has been reportedly assigned to the case. Several employees from Brown’s crew have reportedly already had “the talk” with the LAPD Gang Unit member.

Reports on Thursday said that after the second break-in in two months, Nia Guzman suspected that a friend of Brown may have been looking to kidnap their daughter Royalty. Guzman, who has been fighting with Brown after he filed a paternity lawsuit, reportedly expressed concern for Royalty after the invasion and called Brown “stupid.” The 26-year-old singer has reportedly since vowed to give up parties and friends to do everything he can to protect Royalty.

“Royalty is the single most beautiful and precious person in Chris’ life and he will be damned if he’s going to jeopardize any time with her,” a source reportedly said earlier, adding: “He’s cleaning shop at his new house and the only people he wants there is his family, no one else. No friends, no wild parties, nothing.”

Brown had bought the house for Royalty because “it’s child-friendly, closer to stores and local attractions and it’s convenient for his nannies and a few housekeepers to get to,” the source added. Some reports also suggest that the latest robbery may affect the custody battle for Royalty.