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Chris Brown has reportedly decided to give up his friends and wild parties for the safety of his daughter Royalty after his latest home invasion. Getty Images/Gregg DeGuire

Nia Guzman slammed Chris Brown, calling him “stupid,” after his Los Angeles home was raided and ransacked by three masked men on Wednesday. The model had expressed her concern over the security of their daughter after the latest home invasion, which is the second such instance in just over two months.

“Nia called him after she got the news he was robbed [and] chewed him out for days,” a source told Hollywood Life. “He just sat there, speechless, and all he could say was ‘yeah, you’re right. I hear you.'”

On Thursday, reports surfaced that Guzman feared one of Brown’s friends might kidnap the 1-year-old. Some reports speculate that the intrusion may have been perpetrated by Brown’s associates. TMZ reported, citing law enforcement officials, that the mastermind of the robbery could be someone who was aware that the “Loyal” singer had received $50,000 in cash for a recent club appearance.

The 26-year-old singer has reportedly vowed that he would do everything to protect his daughter. According to another source, cited by Hollywood Life, Brown has decided to give up all the wild parties at his residence.

“Royalty is the single most beautiful and precious person in Chris’ life and he will be damned if he’s going to jeopardize any time with her,” the source reportedly said. “He’s cleaning shop at his new house and the only people he wants there is his family, no one else. No friends, no wild parties, nothing.” The source also reportedly said that Brown had bought the house especially for Royalty because “it’s child-friendly, closer to stores and local attractions and it’s convenient for his nannies and a few housekeepers to get to.”

However, he is now concerned about Royalty's security after the latest incident, where the armed suspects locked Brown’s aunt in a closet and reportedly got away with an unknown amount of money and some personal items.

Guzman, who has been feuding with Brown since he filed a paternity suit, does not want Royalty to live with her father. Some reports also speculated that the latest home invasion may affect Brown's battle for custody of his daughter.