It's been over a month since Hip-hop bad boy Chris Brown was accused of stealing fan Christal Spann's iPhone in Florida after she snapped a picture of him leaving a Miami club. He reportedly shouted B--ch you ain't going to put that on no website, as he snatched the smart-phone. Since then the rapper-singer-dancer has been able to evade police custody, even while British actor Russel Brand was arrested for the exact same crime, and now rumors are beginning to circulate that Breezy may have either paid off or threatened Spann in order to get her to drop her charges against him.

According to numerous sources have confirmed that Brown paid off Spann, the young fan whose iPhone he grabbed and drove off with. However, other sources are claiming that Spann has dropped the charges because she is afraid of Brown's fans (known as Team Breezy).

Although there has been no report the charges against Brown have officially been dropped, considering that over a month has passed since the incident it seems Team Breezy can rest easy for the moment. If Brown had been convicted he would have been in violation of his probation, which he earned after physically abusing Rihanna three years ago when the two R&B stars were last publicly dating.

It sounds crazy, but in recent months the rumor that Brown and Rihanna have reconciled and are secretly seeing each or other or possibly even planning to get married has become a common assumption. The rumors have given RiRi a boost of media attention, but also brought negative consequences as Jay-Z kicked her off a track her was producing for reuniting with the man who beat her, and Beyoncé broke the news that Rihanna couldn't meet their daughter, Blue Ivy.

The rumors have also sparked a social media battle between Rihanna and Brown's current girlfriend Karrueche Tran. The virtual smack-down grew so heated that Karrueche became scared to leave her home alone after receiving multiple threatening messages from Rihanna's fans.