Rezvani Beast
Chris Brown paid $35,000 extra to get his hands on a Rezvani Beast, a 500-horsepower street-legal race car, a report said Friday. In this photo, a Rezvani Beast is shown, being driven. Rezvani Motors

Chris Brown paid $35,000 extra to beat his friend Tyga to a Rezvani Beast, a 500-horsepower street-legal race car, TMZ reported Friday, citing a representative for California-based Rezvani Motors. Brown paid a whopping $200,000 to own the car, which lists for $165,000.

Brown’s Rezvani Beast -- the first of its kind -- was also seen on the sets of his new single “Liquor,” where the singer was seen inside the car and posing in front of it, Daily Mail reported Thursday. The car, which has a lightweight carbon-fiber body and weighs 1,650 pounds, can reach a speed of 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, and has a six-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive, according to the company.

Usually the cars are handmade in about 12 weeks to 14 weeks but because Brown shelled out an extra $35,000, he took delivery of the 001 model in only two weeks, TMZ reported. The Beast, launched in 2015, does not have a door or a roof.

“We really wanted to get people to enjoy driving again,” Ferris Rezvani, CEO and founder of the company, said in a statement last month, adding: “By limiting as much electronic interference as we could, we were able to allow the driver to feel every inch of the road at their fingertips."