“Clash Of Clans” August update was detailed on Tuesday, and it contains a controversial Healer nerf that cripples popular attack strategies. In a new forum post, Supercell described why the decision was made and how to work around it.

The update nerfs Healers by making them vulnerable to air attacks. This is a problem because it renders the established Queenwalk attack method less effective. Flanking a high-level Archer Queen with Healers is essential to that tactic, but, when the defense force is weakened, that plan stops working.

As for why this change was made, Supercell says that “In the hands of a skilled attacker, it is not uncommon for a group of Healers to survive the entire battle, hidden behind the Archer Queen and groups of Bowlers.” In other words, “Healers have become far too safe!” The post also describes Healer balance as a risk-reward proposition. After smartening their AI and making them impervious to traps, the reward for this single troop has simply become too great.

If the August update is indicative of “Clash Of Clans’” future, the task now turns to how the nerfed Healer can be used effectively. To those ends, the post claims that internal playtesting showed only one additional Healer was lost to maxed air defenses with the new patch in place. As such, it was suggested that deploying an extra Healer should maintain a Queenwalk’s effectiveness. “A well executed Queenwalk is incredibly powerful, though it is still a strategy of skill that we have no intention of removing,” the post reads.

While not quite as heavily discussed, Bowler attacks supplemented by Healers were also said to “perform quite well” under the new arrangement. The only difference is that there will be a defensive “push back” from the air as opposed to all-out slaughter.

Contrary to Supercell’s silence in the face of criticism against last year’s Town Hall 11 update, the developer seems committed to addressing any lingering fan concerns before the patch goes live.

“Clash Of Clans” August update has yet to be released, but the game is available as a free download for Android and iOS.

Do you think the Healer nerf will bring balance to “Clash Of Clans?” Is this update a step in the wrong direction? Tell us in the comments section!