“Clash Of Clans’” August update focuses on balance changes for abused troops and includes a controversial Healer nerf. A new post on Supercell’s official “Clash Of Clans” blog outlines the changes.

There are four major adjustments introduced in the patch, but the biggest one comes in the form of a decent-sized nerf to Healers. The troop now triggers air traps, so that means they can be in range of mine hazards from above.

While advertised as a small tweak, such a fix actually has big implications in terms of strategy. Because Healers are more vulnerable, the popular Queenwalk and mass-Bowler tactics take a huge hit. In a Queenwalk, the player surrounds Archer Queens with three or four Healers to keep the offense protected. With the latest version in mind, it may take an additional Healer to keep those sorts of attacks in check. It’s a shakeup to convention, but one that adjusts a method that was being abused.

There are three more fixes, but those haven’t prompted much debate from the game’s community. Cannon damage has been increased for levels 11 through 14 to make mass-attacks against mid-size troops more balanced. Miners also move a bit slower, which actually acts as a buff when they burrow underground. Last but not least, Eagle Artillery takes longer to activate to give Town Hall 11 players more early-battle flexibility before the troop kicks into gear.

While the August 2016 patch is indeed a small one, the blog posts notes that Supercell “is in full swing working on the next major update.” Following May’s appreciated Friendly Challenge overhaul, the “Clash Of Clans” community has been in a state of quiet content. The introduction of Town Hall 11 sparked massive backlash, so, since then, Supercell has become a bit more measured in its approach to the game.

“Clash Of Clans’” new changes are available now for free on Android and iOS.

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