Photo: Android Market

Android users who remain unsatisfied with pseudo-Siri apps available for their devices can now switch to Cluzee, a talking, intelligent personal digital assistant.

The software was developed by a startup firm, Tronton, and is available free for devices running Android 2.1 or higher.

According to Scott Webster of Cnet, Cluzee is capable of answering simple questions with helpful responses. It can read e-mails and text messages audibly, convert voice to text and search for deals that suit buying habits.

I've spent some time with Cluzee and already appreciate the application for what it does and how it handles commands, Webster wrote.

What apparently makes the program particularly useful is its collaboration with Groupon and Yipit, he said.

Where I find Cluzee to be a fun and useful application is in its ability to find deals based on location. Powered by Groupon and Yipit, Cluzee found a number of savings on products and services in my area, Webster wrote.

Cluzee is also quite impressive in terms of dictating a Twitter update or Facebook status message.

Webster did point out a few limitations and said there were several opportunities for updates.

I told Cluzee, 'Remind me to call Mom tomorrow at 1 o'clock.' The app recognized my request down to the word but I still had to pick the time and adjust the date before confirming it on my calendar, Webster wrote.

He also spoke of an instance when he tried using Cluzee to book a hotel in San Francisco but wound up with a page asking him to manually enter data.

Commands to 'Find hotels' or 'Locate hotels' yielded a similar response, he said.

According to Webster, Cluzee still has a long way to go to compete against Apple iPhone 4S' Siri. But among Siri-like programs for the Android OS, Cluzee must surely be considered one of the best available.