Legendary Duke University basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski recently admitted to being one of the millions of men around the world who have a crush on Beyonce.

Krzyzewski, known throughout the basketball world as “Coach K,” addressed a group of students at Duke’s basketball fan event on Saturday, Fox Sports reports. During his speech, the 66-year-old coach talked about the time that he presented Sports Illustrated’s “Sportsman Of The Year” award to NBA star LeBron James—and ended up sitting next to Beyonce and Jay Z at the awards ceremony.


According to Coach K’s account, the legendary pop star makes quite an impression. “I really love Jay Z, I do, I love Jay Z,” Krzyzewski told the crowd. “But I’m madly in love with Beyonce.”

“I admit it. My three daughters, my wife of 44 years knows it; they're not worried. Just because I'm still competitive, I think there's a shot in hell, at least, that something might happen. If I stop thinking that way, then I stop coaching. You have to always think you can win.”

Coach K wasn’t restricted to crushing on Beyonce from afar. The Duke coach also discussed the manner in which he finally managed to meet Jay Z’s wife.  “I go up on stage and I do 10 minutes and say really great things about LeBron, Jay-Z and, of course, Beyonce,” Krzyzewski told the Duke fans. “The event's over, and this is where my street cred, like, was bouncing all over the world.”

“However, what I want has not happened yet. I want to meet Beyonce,” Coach K continued. “So I go off stage, I have to catch a plane to go back to Duke, and I go up to Beyonce. You know how guys think they have a lot of good lines? And, so I go up, and I'm nervous as I can be. I'm like a teenager. And I go to her with a great line. I say, ‘Hi, I'm Coach K.’ And she said, ‘Coach, I know who you are. I just listened to you for 10 minutes.’ It's like patting me on the head. Little boy.”

Of course, the “madly in love” coaching legend couldn’t leave the end without a photo of the moment he met his crush. “I come up and I say, ‘You're my favorite.’ My face is red as can be, you know, I'm like 4 feet tall right now,” Coach K said. “And she says, ‘Well, that's nice.’ And I asked her — and I don't usually do this — but I said, ‘Would you take a picture with me?’ So she takes a picture with me and I look, really, like I'm 12.”

He may not have swept Beyonce off her feet, but Krzyzewski lets his coaching resume do the talking. The 66-year-old is the winningest coach in NCAA Division I men’s basketball history, and has coached the Blue Devils to four National Championships.