The nation's largest cable TV company, Comcast Corp, has finalized its acquisition of NBCUniversal this week, obtaining  a 51 percent stake at a cost of $13.45 billion. General Electric Co controls the other 49 percent.

The deal was completed on Friday and Comcast officially announced it Saturday morning.

Comcast executives spent over 13 months to push the deal through the U.S. regulatory review process with the Federal Communications Commission and Justice Department.

The deal raised worries that Comcast may abuse its control of the entertainment empire to favor the 23 million customers who pay for its cable TV service and  the 17 million who use its Internet service.

NBC Universal has changed its corporate logo to NBCUniversal , shedding the space in between the two words, the peacock and the globe silhouette. As a part of the deal, all 25,000 NBCU employees were given 25 Comcast shares and a family pass to Universal Theme Park as a special bonus.