What happens when two late night hosts shower together? It gets weird, real weird.

In celebration of the 1,081th episode of Chelsea Handler’s talk show “Chelsea Lately,” the 38-year-old comedian recorded a skit where she is accosted by Conan O’Brien in the shower.

The 49-year-old "Conan" host, who also appears nude in the clip, accuses the comedian of stealing his studio among other oddities.

“You stole my parking space. My parking space I had here is four inches wider than the parking space I have now. … You also took my back massager. I left that back massager and I left it in my office. I bet you use it every day,” he says, asking Handler to “man up” and admit to what she’s done, to which Handler grabs her breasts saying, “I am not a man. Everyone knows I’m the first women in late night.”

The video ends as Handler’s side-kick, Chuy, makes his own nude appearance but not before the two actors beat each other by “dick slapping” and kneeing each other in the eye.

O’Brien tweeted about the skit Thursday, saying, “I got naked with [Chelsea Handler] last night. I had no idea this was being filmed,” he joked.

One fan praised the video, calling it the “alpha-video” of YouTube, some are shocked by what they’re calling O’Brien’s “ripped” physique and others are scarred, stating they wish they never clicked on the up-and- coming viral video.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve had a dream that went just like that after doing shrooms,” said YouTube commenter Jimmy Dangle.

“That was so weird and I can’t unwatch that,” said cvillsenor2.

This isn’t the first time Handler or O’Brien have filmed nude television skits.

In 2012 Handler starerd alongside Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock in a similar shower scene for “Chelsea Lately,” where Bullock accuses Handler of referring to herself as “white Oprah.”

Earlier this year, O’Brien stripped down to his underwear to film a nude bath tub scene with Ricky Gervais after discussing the actor's fondness for tweeting unflattering bathtub pictures.


“Chelsea Lately” airs weeknights on E! at 11 p.m. EST.