Conrad Murray, the doctor who is on trial for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson, has been seen shopping in Beverly Hills and having a pedicure during his time off from the trial.

Over the weekend, Murray was photographed shopping for designer shirts at Saks Fifth Avenue, and having a spa pedicure at a nearby Beverly Hills nail salon. In some of the photographs, published in the Daily Mail, Murray is looking directly at the camera. And TMZ reported that Murray had $25 haircut this weekend, and complained to the barber that the prosecution was intentionally deceiving the jury by making it look as though the doctor delayed in calling 911 after Jackson became distressed.

Murray appears to have been involved with multiple women during the time he was treating Jackson, and may have been financially supporting them. One of these women, Bridgette Morgan, testified on Monday that she called the doctor on the day Jackson died, but could not reach him on his cell phone. Morgan and Murray reportedly met in 2003 at a Las Vegas club, and court documents reveal that Morgan was calling to follow up on a plane ticket Murray had promised to buy her.

Two more of Murray's girlfriends are expected to testify Tuesday, but some details about the relationships have already been reported. One woman, Sade Anding, claims to have been on the phone with Murray when the doctor discovered that Jackson was in distress, at which point he abruptly disappeared from the line.

Anding appeared on Good Morning America earlier this year and said that she met Murray in Houston at a restaurant where she was a cocktail waitress in 2009. She said that Murray approached her and said 'You are too beautiful to be waiting on people -- at a place like this.' She also said that Murray lied about his personal situation, claiming that he was divorced with two children (when he actually has seven children with multiple women).

In the preliminary hearing, Anding also provided an account of her phone call with Murray, and said that doctor became distracted during the call.  

I didn't hear him on the phone anymore, Anding said at her preliminary hearing, according to an ABC report. I heard commotion as if the phone was in a pocket or something. The noise was like (sound). And I heard coughing. And then I heard like mumbling of voices.

Nicole Alavarez is another girlfriend of the doctor's expected to testify on Tuesday. She too is a cocktail waitress, and met Murray in a Las Vegas club. She had Murray's seventh child two months before Jackson died, and lived with him part-time in her Los Angeles apartment. During the preliminary hearing, prosecutors questioned Alvarez about the apparent $2,500 month in rent Murray apparently paid for her rent, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

Murray is believed to have directed shipments of surgical anesthetic propofol to Alvarez's apartment - the same substance responsible for Jackson's overdose and ultimate death.

This is a different witness entirely than the other women...This is a witness who was receiving the propofol shipments at her house, said Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney David Walgren during the preliminary hearing. This is an uncooperative witness who has refused to cooperate with the police, has refused to open the door for the police, has reached out to Dr. Murray's attorney. Whenever we tried to reach her... And it's not simply a phone call...

Associated Press reported that Murray called Alvarez from the ambulance that transported Jackson to the hospital, but the contents of those phone records were not addressed during the preliminary hearing, according to ABC News.

Murray's defense has insisted that Jackson administered the propofol to himself, meaning that the doctor could not have been responsible for his death.

But ABC News reported Tuesday that Michael Jackson's fingerprints were not found on any of the fingerprints on the propofol bottles retrieved from his home. ABC describes the discovery, which was provided by a source close to the investigation, as one that could represent a crippling blow to Murray's defense strategy.

On Monday, two emergency room doctors who treated Michael Jackson testified the Murray did not reveal the pop star had ingested propofol.