Coolio took to social media late Saturday night to tell his fans that he’s okay a few hours after he was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on suspicion of possessing a stolen, loaded firearm.

“What's up everybody? This is Coolio. Just wanted to say something about the little misunderstanding at the airport today,” the 53-year-old rapper said in a YouTube clip he shared on Twitter. “Everything's fine. As you can see, I’m at P.F. Chang’s having a meal, and having a few drinks.”

While Coolio was obviously no longer in the custody of the police, the “Gangsta’s Paradise” lyricist admitted that he doesn’t know what will happen next.

“I mean, I don’t know what's going to be the result of this in the future, but for now I’m fine, and I appreciate everybody’s concern.”

In a statement obtained by Entertainment Tonight, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Airport Police Department said that authorities responded to Terminal 3 after receiving a report about a prohibited item in the screening area.

After arriving at the screening area, the police took possession of a carry-on bag in the x-ray screening belt, and detained a 39-year-old man who claimed possession of the bag. After further examination, authorities found out that the items inside the bag belong to one of the suspects’ traveling companions, who had left the screening area and boarded a departing plane.

The mentioned traveling companion of the unidentified suspect was Coolio, “who upon questioning claimed ownership and possession of the carry-on bag.” Coolio and the first suspect were both booked on suspicion of possessing a stolen, loaded firearm.

While the identity of the first suspect remains unclear, TMZ reported that he was Coolio’s bodyguard.

This isn’t the first time Coolio was detained at LAX. According the Los Angeles Times, Coolio — whose real name is Artis Leon Ivy Jr. — was also arrested at LAX in 2009 after authorities said they found rock cocaine in his luggage.