A heated custody battle has broken out between Texas Judge William Adams and his former wife, Hallie Adams. Adams' attorney, William Dudley, filed a motion Monday to block a temporary restraining order that was granted Thursday.

The temporary restraining order was placed on Adams who was seen last month beating his 23-year-old daughter in a video she posted on YouTube.

The court order issued Thursday by Judge Kemper Stephen Williams of the Texas State District Court forbids the Texas family law judge from visiting his 10-year-old daughter without permission from her mother, Adams' former wife, The New York Times reported. The order also states that Adams cannot denigrate his ex-wife or consume alcohol within 24 hours of seeing his younger daughter. 

A hearing is scheduled for Nov. 21 to determine whether to extend the order to deny visitation to Adams all together or to require supervision during visitation.

Last month, Hillary Adams released a secretly recorded 2004 video of her father lashing her with a belt for downloading music. The eight minute clip shows Judge Adams forcing her to bend over and be beaten despite her pleas for him to stop. The video went viral, causing public outcries and threats demanding Adams' resignation.

Although Judge Adams serves on the Aransas County Court-at-Law, he has not been seen on the bench since his daughter's video was released.

I decided to release the tape now after these seven years because I just finally snapped, Hillary Adams told KPLC News. It wasn't any carefully planned orchestration or anything like that, and I didn't really mean for anything huge to come of it.

The district attorney and federal prosecutors will not bring charges against Adams because the the four-year statue of limitations in Texas has already passed. The State Commission on Judicial Conduct, however, is investigating the matter, The New York Times reported.

Brett Pritchard, Hallie Adams' attorney, said that the ruling effectively, though temporarily, terminates visitation between Adams and his 10-year-old. 

The impetus is she doesn't feel at first that her daughter is safe going down there to be with the judge right now, Pritchard told The New York Times. The impetus now is the result of the video, not necessarily the video itself.

According to KZTV10, the affidavit states that Hallie accused Adams of child neglect, physical abuse or emotional abuse against the 10-year-old. Hallie Adams also accuses her ex-hubsand of having mental and behavioral problems.

However, Chief Tim Jayroe of the Rockport Police Department told The New York Times that police investigated whether there was any abuse towards Adams' younger daughter. They did not find any indications of abuse.

Adam's attorney has sought to block the temporary restraining order Monday. He stated that the charges are little more than a poorly written autobiography of Hallie Adams' unfulfilled relationship with the judge, according to KRISTV.

Dudley further claimed that the affidavit is filled with opinion, conjecture, statements which are clearly not based on personal knowledge, and which precede the parties' final decree of divorce,  reported Caller.com.

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