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No Fly-Zone In First Challenge as French Shoot Down Libyan Plane

Protesters demand democratic reforms in Jordan

More of the same? Egypt's military law criminalizes protests, strikes

Tokyo lifts tap water restrictions

Radioactive iodine detected in tap water in Chiba, Saitama prefectures

Portugal likely to need EU/IMF bailout after parliament rejects austerity budget

U.S. Soldier in Alleged Afghan 'Kill Team' Gets 24 Years for Murders

‘Color’ App Picks Up $41 Million In Venture Funds

Google, Microsoft, Facebook Blast AT&T-Mobile Deal

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Syria protests highlight absurdity of ruling regime and its 48-year Emergency Law

Bunker Sales Soar Amid Japan Crisis

So, you think you know what a Muslim looks like?

Astronomers Find The Coldest Stars In The Universe

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