Friday April 8, 2011

Top Headlines

Federal Budget Shutdown: Do They Still Not Have an Answer?

Shutdown Close: Spending, Abortion Battles Flare

Ceasefire in Gaza apparently broken as Israel fires rockets, killing six 

Defiant Saleh of Yemen rejects Gulf States mediation offer

At least four dead in fresh Syrian protests

Japan Earthquake: More Nuclear Plants Lose Power

China reveals pictures of first aircraft carrier ‘Varyag’ (PHOTOS)

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NASA: Satellite Images Of Recent Earthquakes And Tsunamis

Climate Change Could Cripple Developing Nations

Google beats Twitter in hiring war; spying charges in spotlight

Why do retail forex traders lose money?





Thursday April 7, 2011

Top Headlines

Shutdown Looms: Reid Says Abortion, Environment Hold Up Deal

One Week Budget Deal Necessary to Avert Shutdown, Aide Says

Five people die in Gaza from Israeli air strikes

Libya: Turkey proposes “roadmap” for peace

NATO failed to stop supplies to Gaddafi killing machine: rebels

Japan earthquake April 7: injuries, blackout reported, but power plant fine

Japan May Alter Evacuation Zone, Radiation Exposure Limits

Bailout won’t solve Portugal’s economic woes

ECB raises rate to 1.25 percent, bolsters its credibility

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Leaked Images Of Motorola Droid X2 Surface

Terror Alerts Coming To Facebook, Twitter

Donald Trump: America is in serious, serious trouble

Why has the unrest sweeping the Mideast skipped Lebanon?

From Deep Sea To Space: Richard Branson’s Greatest Hits





Wednesday April 6, 2011

Top Headlines

Shutdown Watch: Talks Stalled Over Non-Budget Elements

Shutdown would put hundreds of thousands on leave

What Happens in a Shutdown?

Gaddafi should step down: Turkey

Please stop bombing us: Gaddafi writes to Obama

Former U.S. politician to meet with Gaddafi, propose peace terms

TEPCO Works To Stop Hydrogen Explosions At Fukushima Plant

Portugal Bailout is Coming

Glenn Beck quits Fox News

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Donald Trump: Making America Respected Again

An In Depth Look At Branson's Virgin Oceanic (PHOTOS)

Anonymous Launches DDoS Attack On Sony

Robots Invade The Smithsonian





Tuesday April 5, 2011

Top Headlines

Gaddafi soldiers take Brega from rebels

Two Syrian police killed near Damascus; protesters call for more rallies

Leak Of Radioactive Water Into Ocean Slows

Boehner-Obama Budget Meeting Fails to Produce Deal

How Butler Lost the National Championship

After success in Chicago, Charlie Sheen one man show tickets rise in NYC

Epsilon email breach leaves 50 major companies' customers at risk

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What moves the forex market?

West backs Muslim Ouattara against Christian Gbagbo in Ivory Coast

Who's An Arab? (SLIDESHOW)

A Look at How Tiger Woods Lost a Fortune




Monday April 4, 2011

Top Headlines

Iran warns Saudis to remove their troops from Bahrain

U.S. quietly seeking to remove Saleh from power in Yemen

Libyan envoy arrives in Turkey for talks; Italy recognizes Libyan rebels

Ivory Coast gripped by violent revolt 

TEPCO To Dump Radioactive Water Into Pacific

Two bodies found at Fukushima nuclear plant; Japan admits crisis will take months to resolve 

Obama Invites Lawmakers for Budget Talks to Avert Shutdown

McDonald's Expects Busy Summer, Seeks 50,000 New Hires

India wins Cricket World Cup, team celebrates with trophy

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Al-Qaeda exploiting Libyan chaos to buy arms, establish influence

More evidence linking cholesterol to Alzheimer's

Will 'breakthrough' live human heart grown in lab beat in time?

Was Charlie Sheen trolled in Detroit?

How Sony got on the Apple iPhone 5 account





Friday April, 1 2011

Top Headlines

UN staff killed during protests in Afghanistan

Deaths reported as Syrian protesters clash with security forces

Egypt protesters demand Mubarak, other aides, face trial

Oil prices above $107 as Libya fighting intensifies

Japanese, U.S. teams begin 3-day intensive search for quake victims

US Department of Energy releases Japan's radiological assessment results

Radiation Found In Groundwater At Japanese Nuclear Plant

US jobs market sees best 2-month gain since early ‘06

Budget: Obama says Sides Close, Compromise in Reach

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Robots From U.S. Aid In Japan Nuclear Crisis

EXCLUSIVE: Arrested Lakers Fan was Libyan Billionaire

Tech Companies Unleash April Fool Gags

Fed discount window borrowing hit $110 billion at peak day

House That Looks Like Hitler and More [PHOTOS]





Thursday March 31, 2011

Top Headlines

US military chiefs warn Gaddafi’s army remains powerful despite air strikes

Gaddafi's forces advance on eastern city of Brega

Libyan defector debriefed in UK; will not be offered immunity

Yemen’s Saleh running out of options

Hundreds arrested in Bahraini crackdown; Hezbollah denies aiding protesters

Japan crisis drags, France wants global nuclear reform

IAEA urges Japan govt. to widen evacuation zone around Fukushima nuclear plant

Decommissioning Damaged Reactors Won't Be Easy

Charlie Sheen kicks off one-man-show tour, puts town on high alert

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It’s the Economy, Stupid (Even In the Middle East)

How to Reduce the Budget Deficit by Over $100 Billion Per Year

What to expect in Apple's iOS 5

Tampa Weather in Florida: a massive storm and tornado is closing in

Is Jon Jones the New Golden Boy of UFC?




Wednesday March 30, 2011

Top Headlines

Libyan foreign minister defects to UK

Shia opposition figure demands Saudi troops exit Bahrain

Assad blames “conspirators” for inciting Syrian unrest

Radiation Spikes In Seawater Near Fukushima Reactor

TEPCO decides to decommission four reactors at Fukushima

Get Serious Now on Long-Term Global Energy Needs, Obama Says

Why the Australian Dollar Hit an All-Time High

NASA's MESSENGER Sees Mercury With New Eyes

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Facebook removes page calling for uprising against Israel

Gaddafi's sons and their varied roles

Housing Double Dips in 2011

Buckingham Palace reveals royal wedding secrets

A Look at Tiger Woods's Yacht For Sale





Tuesday March 29, 2011

Top Headlines

UK, US determined to continue air strikes in Libya until Gaddafi departs

Libyan rebels lose Sirte; fight for Bin Jawad

Hopes rising in Syria Assad will soon lift emergency laws

Radiation From Japan Found In U.S.

Plutonium Found In Soil Near Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Japan in maximum alert after plutonium, radioactive water escape 

US stocks trickle higher in light volume ahead of Friday's jobs report

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What Mao Zedong and Kim Jong-il can teach us about the Middle East

Ma Bell Stifled Innovation, AT&T May Do the Same

EU aims to phase out conventionally-fuelled cars in cities by 2050

NASA Vulnerable To Crippling Cyber Attacks

Drought In Amazon Could Lead To Accelerated Global Warming





Monday March 28, 2011

Top Headlines

 U.K., France Urge Libya Transition, Gaddafi Ouster

Qatar becomes first Arab country to recognize Libyan rebels

Libyan rebels facing fierce resistance in Sirte from Gaddafi loyalists

Mubarak under house arrest, has not fled to Saudi Arabia: Egypt army

Radioactive Water Found In Two Reactor Buildings

Forces pound protesters in Syria amid hopes of the lifting of emergency law

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The Saga of Tiger Woods and Girlfriend Alyse Lahti Johnston

Gaddafi's daugher Aisha: Claudia Schiffer of North Africa

Hispanic political power severely lags population growth

2011: The Year of Monetary Exits?

Geohot's Legal Team Fires back At Sony





Friday March 25, 2011

Top Headlines

At least one person dies, dozens injured in Jordanian protests

At least 20 protesters killed in Deraa, Syria as crisis deepens

Japan death toll now surpasses 10,000; likely to keep climbing

Japanese ponder options to cope with energy shortage

Powerful earthquake hits Myanmar

Elizabeth Taylor laid to rest during private funeral service

U.S. Corporate Tax Battle Stirring, Offshore Profit Breaks First Up

US stocks shake off global fears, investors focus on upbeat earnings

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Universal releases Songs for Japan compilation album

The Future Of Nuclear Power

Facebook Web Search Box Likely Malware, Company Says

Selling technology to China’s fragmented manufacturing industry

The Market Has Been ‘Forgiving’ This Week




Thursday March 24, 2011

Top Headlines

No Fly-Zone In First Challenge as French Shoot Down Libyan Plane

Protesters demand democratic reforms in Jordan

More of the same? Egypt's military law criminalizes protests, strikes

Tokyo lifts tap water restrictions

Radioactive iodine detected in tap water in Chiba, Saitama prefectures

Portugal likely to need EU/IMF bailout after parliament rejects austerity budget

U.S. Soldier in Alleged Afghan 'Kill Team' Gets 24 Years for Murders

‘Color’ App Picks Up $41 Million In Venture Funds

Google, Microsoft, Facebook Blast AT&T-Mobile Deal

Editors' Picks

Syria protests highlight absurdity of ruling regime and its 48-year Emergency Law

Bunker Sales Soar Amid Japan Crisis

So, you think you know what a Muslim looks like?

Astronomers Find The Coldest Stars In The Universe



Wednesday March 23, 2011

Top Headlines

More protesters killed in Syria


Yemeni protesters plan to march on president’s palace


Libya’s rebels form interim government as fighting continues


Saudi Arabia plans municipal elections next month


Egypt’s former interior minister charged in deaths of protesters


Jerusalem Explosion Kills 1; First Terrorist Blast in Four Years


Japan's earthquake to set nation back by $309 billion


Tokyo warns against babies drinking tap water after radioactive iodine detected


Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor dies at age 79


US stocks fight back to positive territory


Editors' Picks


Defiant Gaddafi sits on a pot of gold worth $6 to $7 billion


Robots Help Out In Fukushima Nuclear Disaster


US army could have prevented 2001 'anthrax mail attacks': report


Joint-Maker to Baby-Shaker: Top 10 Most Controversial Apple Apps


Samsung, RIM Match iPad Prices


Astronomers Find The Coldest Star In The Universe



Tuesday March 22, 2011

Top Headlines


Despite western air strikes, fighting on the ground rages in Libya


Syria arrests leading activist as unrest spreads


Yemen president warns of civil war, U.S. concerned


Japan supply paralysis spreads as firms cut output


Japan battles crippled nuclear plant, radiation fears


Number of dead and missing in Japan tops 22,000


NBA: Bulls vs. Hawks (Live Coverage)


US stocks edge down as Middle East turmoil continues


Editors' Picks


Global voices oppose military intervention in Libya


Warplanes used by Allies in Libyan airstrike


Private, largely unregulated lending booms in China


Google goes gaga: Lady Gaga answers fans' questions from Google office


Charlie Sheen to make $7 million off of one-man-show tour





Monday March 21, 2011

Top Headlines 


Saudi police break up protest outside Riyadh interior ministry


Syrian protesters torch buildings in Deraa as protests continue


Air strike destroys Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli


TEPCO Says Fukushima Reactors Have Power


Japan official death toll climbs to 18,000


AT&T buys T-Mobile: What Does It Mean For Consumers?


MARCH MADNESS: Arizona vs. Texas (Live Coverage)


World Market Update 21/03/2011


Editors' Picks


Medvedev, Putin clash over Libya in rare moment of public discord


Foreign journalists being used as human shields by Gaddafi forces to prevent air strikes


G7 Intervention to Weaken the Yen: Behind the Scenes


Cassini Discovers Methane Rainstorms On Titan


The 'Supermoon' rises over US cities


Study: Buying Last Minute Tickets To Games Saves Money




Friday March 18, 2011

Top Headlines

Libya declares ceasefire in response to UN resolution

Saudi King to replace key ministers, dole out more bounties

Yen tumbles after G-7 pledges to intervene

Japan death toll nearing 7,000; thousands remain missing

PM Kan vows to rebuild Japan; disclose all information quickly

March Madness: Tennessee vs. Michigan (Live Coverage)

Stocks rally as Libya ceasefire eases oil supply concerns

Editors' Picks

Co-movement indicates herd mentality and predicts stock market crashes?

Delaware woman makes contact with daughter in Japan who was reported missing

Moon To Make Closest Approach While Full

Microsoft Slays Spam Monster Rustock



Thursday March 17, 2011

Top Headlines

Japanese workers successfully connect power cable to crippled reactor

Radiation level rises at No. 3 reactor at Fukushima

U.S. Supports Libya No-Fly Zone, Seeks Broader Action

Bahrain: Burning Tents, Battle Tanks Greet Protesters

The First Buzzer-Beater, Butler Stun Old Dominion, 60-58

World Market Update 17/03/2011

Editors’ Picks

Speculative attack witnessed against Japanese yen: analysts

Japan Earthquake relief fund to get a major boost from Charlie Sheen tour gigs

JP Morgan testing $5 ATM usage fee

Sarah Palin's 2012 Presidential prospects fade



Wednesday March 16, 2011

Top Headlines

Death toll soars in Japan as grim rescue operation continues

Japanese Yen surges to all-time high against the US Dollar [CHART]

Security forces attack protesters in Bahrain; Iran outraged

‘Do Not Track’ Becoming A Reality

24 Hours In, Internet Explorer 9 Nets 2.35 Million Downloads

Chelsea vs Copenhagen (Live Coverage)

World Market Update 16/03/2011

Editors’ Picks

Anti-Nuclear Group Warns Of Long-Term Hazards In Japan

Japanese Emperor appears on TV to rally country

Images of Japan earthquake and tsunami from space [PHOTOS]

Terrible housing data will spark talks of QE3: Borthwick



Tuesday March 15, 2011

Top Headlines

Flames Out Within Half Hour at Fukushima's No. 4 Reactor

California tsunami damage at least $50-mln

Nikkei Index plunges as Japan nuclear crisis escalates

Fighting rages in Libya, as no-fly zone proposal stalls

Palestinians rally for unity in Gaza, West Bank

Fed sees economy on firmer footing and holds steady

Manchester United vs Marseille (Live Coverage)

World Market Update 15/03/2011

Editors’ Picks

Japan Faces Grim Search and Rescue Missions (PHOTOS)

Japanese Earthquake Likely Moved The Earth’s Axis

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 gets a positive start

Selling “Little Victories” to Latin America: de la Blanca



Monday March 14, 2011

Top Headlines

Japan’s leading utility TEPCO begins rolling blackouts

Japanese nuclear workers race to stabilize damaged reactor

Japan's Shinmoedake volcano spews ash and rock two days after quake

Nearly 10,000 Missing in Town Near Japan Quake Epicenter

Gaddafi forces bomb rebel base at Ajdabiya

Yemeni governor stabbed in anti-government protest

Obama Backs Treatment of Soldier in Wikileaks Case, Critic Resigns

Manchester United Advance into FA Cup Semis After Crushing Arsenal, 2-0

Charlie Sheen's one-man show sells out in minutes

Global Markets overview 14/03/2011

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Human face of Japan's quake, tsunami tragedy [PHOTOS]