Less than a month after Rupert Murdoch unveiled The Daily, news has emerged iPad-based publication would soon be making the jump to tablets running Android.

AllThingsD reports that The Daily will be making its transition as early as this spring, ending the publication's brief period of exclusivity to the iPad.

The Daily's jump to Android, however, isn't particularly surprising. News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch clearly said at The Daily's launch event that the publication would eventually expand to other platforms. As other tablets get established we will develop the tech to be on them, he said. We expect to be on all the major tablets.

What is a surprise, however, is just how quickly the transition was made. News Corp worked closely with Apple over the The Daily, and Murdoch himself praised the iPad's capabilities.

But with the looming release of tablet offerings from Motorola, Samsung, HP, and others, The Daily's move to Android serves as an indication that The Daily's staff sees the potential in expanding to new platforms.

The news of The Daily's move comes as Publisher Greg Clayman revealed today that The Daily's free trial would be expanded for another few weeks. 

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