What’s an episode of “Dance Moms” without a whole lot of drama?

Tuesday’s Season 6 installment of Lifetime's “Dance Moms” was a battle of the trios. In an effort to see if newcomer Brynn Rumfallo has what it takes, Abby Lee Miller kicks off episode 12, titled "Brynn's Big Moment," by gifting the 12-year-old dancer a trio and allowing her to pick her two teammates. Abby tells Brynn if her trio wins, and beats Maddie Ziegler’s group, she will score a permanent spot on her ALDC team. 

At the competition, Jill Vertes makes it clear she doesn’t want Brynn to become a member of the team because that will mean her mother, Ashlee, will also join their studio. “Brynn’s a cute kid. I don’t have a problem with her at all, but I do have a problem with Ashlee always picking on my kid. I can’t have that,” she says. Jill reveals she hopes Maddie’s trio with her daughter, Kendall Vertes, and JoJo Siwa wins first-place.

After taking the stage to perform, Brynn’s dance with Kalani Hilliker and Mackenzie Ziegler, “The World’s Ours,” wins first-place in the junior duet-trio division. Maddie’s number, a contemporary jazz number “The Golden Girls,” places second, and the moms immediately question the results.

When Abby confronts the judges about her students scores, they confirm Brynn’s team won by two points. After Abby presents Brynn with her official elite junior team jacket, Jill voices her upset.

“I can not rejoice in Brynn getting her jacket, sorry,” Jill confesses the cameras. When Ashlee slams the moms for trying to "discredit" her daughter's success, Jill tells her to "go cry somewhere."

In the dressing room, Ashlee vents to Abby about the mom’s actions. When the other moms arrive in the dressing room, Kendall, 13, lets her mom know what happened while she was away.

“Ashlee said you were mean to her daughter,” Kendall says. “Ashlee said that all the moms are mean to her daughter.”

When Jill repeats what Kendall said to Abby, and reveals she told Kendall not to listen to the new dance moms, Ashlee speaks out. “Wait. You don’t think that hurt her feelings when you just said the whole competition was rigged?” Ashlee says. Jill responds by calling Ashlee a “stupid you know what” and claims it was her who called the competition staged. What results is a curse-riddled blowout between the moms. 

“I’m not going to listen to her lies!” Jill says.

“I’m always the bad guy because everybody turns against me and I’m stupid,” Ashlee cries. “They don’t want us here that’s fine. I’m done!”

Ashlee storms out of the dressing room and brings a hysterical Brynn with her. “Jill and Kendall say that you’re an awful person,” Brynn says through tears. “And she created it and she doesn’t even care!”

"Dance Moms" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.